Reiki Gong Energy Work

ReikiMy goal during a Reiki session is to help assist you getting to an alternate state of mind (or out of your mind) using music, sound vibration, sage, and flowing universal energy (love). The idea is to quiet the mind, go into deep mediation and relaxation, and allow unconditional love to flow through your entire body, aligning all the Chakras and breaking through any energy blocks. My intuition guides me as I play instruments, direct, amplify, shift and witness energy to help create an amazing experience to go along with your inner journey. _MG_8293I strive to be a walking example of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health & balance – understanding that there will always be layers of deeper understanding. Reiki sessions are about an hour long, and you can add a cacao shake which creates a wonderful heart chakra opening lasting the entire day or longer with the art of allowing XOXO Gift yourself or someone you love! Please use the form below to contact me about setting up your appointment. Namaste ❤

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Reiki is a method of spiritual energy medicine or healing based on ancient, sacred techniques re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s. Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) Rei = God consciousness; Ki = the life force that animates all things, are combined to form Reiki = spiritually guided life force energy. Reiki is guided by a higher power and knows what to do to help a person heal. It will usually flow to the areas in the person’s subtle energy system that needs help, raising the vibration of any negative Ki.  On a deeper level, it can help release negative thoughts, feelings and memories and even balance karma. When taking Reiki classes, the student/practitioner learns about Reiki, energy, meditations,  learns to use specific sacred symbols,  how to guide universal energy through the hand and hand positions and receives an attunement by a Reiki Master.

We have access to universal love energy at all times, but sometimes experience blocks in our energy systems making it difficult feel love, grounded, connected, positive, and clear, etc. Negative energy (stress, depression) is also proven to weaken our body physically which can make us more susceptible to physical and mental  illness. Although we have the ability to heal ourselves, sometimes a little help from an energy healer can do wonders. Reiki can help clear energy helping bring positive thinking, which can have lasting, permanent healing effects. After All, if one awakens to and practices positive thinking — nothing can get them down, and they become stronger physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Tuning Fork Sound/Vibration Therapy  

*My technique is to use (weighted) tuning fork vibrations to synchronize with the frequencies in your body. As we are made mostly of water, the tuning fork is able to physically change the vibration. Here is an interesting article about water vibration. The weighted tuning fork, vibration rather than sound, is meant to heal on a physical level, but can heal in the energy field (aura) as well. The tuning forks that I used are tuned to each energy Chakra center and once activated, are placed along your spine for several minutes. The crystal bowl that I use is in the tune of F  for the Heart Chakra, and creates a super intense experience during relaxation and meditation.


“To begin to describe my reiki session with you. I have never felt more unconditional love. I felt like things that were blocking me had been released. I felt myself take a big step forward into my power. Thank you for such an amazing experience! Being able to feel my grandmas spirit around me and go through you was absolutely incredible!! I would recommend anyone to take the chance and do a reiki session. It may just change your life…” Danielle Marie Mansfield

“A full-sensory immersion in the depth of your soul’s consciousness. Hands down, the most thorough and comprehensive healing I’ve received in years. I Highly Recommend a clearing session from Renee Adora Sarasvati” Tyrel Wiltse

Well the first word I wanna use for it is … PURE MAGIC I’m a reiki master myself … So I know exactly what she is doing … But Renee Adora Sarasvati adds to it a touch of Shamanic flavor that enhance the experience more ! Is really powerful !!! So I went like a month ago because I was having some stress in my life … I was needing to relax … Heal … & find clarity … & I Did ! I love it soooo much that I took my hubby for our anniversary & we had an amazing experience I recommend this girl & her healing work 100%”  Iris Kryger

“Renee, I wanted to thank you for the Reiki Healing Experience that you guided me through last week. I didn’t know what at all to expect as I am totally new to this kind of thing, but I felt really comfortable with you and was blown away with how I felt before, during and after the experience. It’s really difficult to explain how I felt in words but I can say that it felt so cleansing and that a significant amount of negativity was released. I appreciate your guidance and explanations of some of the aspects of the practice and feel that it was incredibly beneficial to me in a number of spiritual/metaphysical ways. I look forward to many more sessions with you.” Dave Gardner

“I was lucky enough to experience a Reiki session with the beautiful Renee Adora Sarasvati recently. I absolutely cannot tell you enough how valuable time spent recharging and exploring your energy is. Renee helped guide me to my own truth , my own answers, those things that are sometimes hidden from view, even when they are right in front of you. In all the madness of the world right now, I feel like we all need to take a minute, and reconnect. Start here. And then let’s get to work making this world a better place.” Meg Hinds





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