Yoga Lotus Oil Painting

I recently experienced some powerful inner visions that brought me into inner unity and balance within oneness, glimpses of being awakened … loving all aspects of myself. Realizing that when experiencing inner and outer blocks, the block are within perception itself… sort of like a mental illness. I had deep realization of how beautiful all aspects of self are, even the part that chooses suffering. I saw the universe deeply honoring me in that space and creating this realm as a part of honoring how I feel like I need to experience — I, as in the Self (not my personality ego). So I am working on shifting out of any mentality that would sabotage me in any way and looking up into the universe, ready to give myself and ready to recieve.

I also recently completed my Yoga Teacher training at Avenues Yoga, and am seeing one aspect of it as such a beautiful practice to deeply honor the body and this physical realm. In this painting, the Asanas represent powerful expression and dedication to the divine … all in the lotus being a powerful awakened community. The one suffering below is not forgotten or judged, but deeply honored and loved. Only when one feels what its like to truly connect and be pure love, will they awaken to the feeling of sacredness.

Here is day one (about 7-8 hours) of working on layer 1 of oils… this painting is in progress…

Yoga Lotus oil painting
Yoga Lotus Oil Painting by Renee Sarasvati


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