Doorway to the Infinite Painting

“Doorway to the Infinite”

24″x48″ Oil on Canvas

I started this painting over 5 years ago, taking myself through meditation into what it might be like to enter through a doorway into my deeper subconscious of creativity. At first, I imagined a creative forest and black and white checkered stairs with shapes coming in and out. It really sat for many years in this unfinished state. I am trying to find a picture of it when it was in this state -but will have to go through some photos on my old phone, so hope to find an update and post it soon!

It didn’t really change, until after I got back from a 3 month trip from Thailand in 2017… and then it turned into a doorway to the infinite. My goal was to paint the vibration into the image… created a super warm and inviting portal into the depths of the universe. I took many incredible leaps in my own journey over the last 5 years… and it shows through this piece of work. ❤

The original is currently for sale, but I am also playing around with the idea of not selling it, haha.. so there is a window of opportunity for this one…



  1. Very interesting painting. I like your work. You seem to have all the elements here. The door, the eye, the lotus, the whirlwind, the water, the hands, the tree of life, all elements of the cosmic journey. It takes a deep spiritual thinker to arrive at this perspective.

    • Thank you! To be honest, I didn’t consciously have all of these elements in mind… the painting revealed itself to me over time. Some of my paintings flow through in this way, where others, I may see the whole painting finished before I even start. Either way, I like to pay attention to the images that pop up on the screen of my mind’s eye. I feel like my job is to advance my art skills so that I can even begin to capture the frequency of images coming through… right now I feel that I am in elementary phases of my art, haha. I admit, I am very much a deep thinker, and all of the images I create are coming from deep within what is allready stirring in my conscious awareness as well as the oneness of the greater unseen, creative universe.

      • Well, I can relate to all of that. What you’ve described is a lot like how I write, but I can see it translating to art in my mind’s eye. I was quite into art as a child and have actually sold other people’s art at one time.

        I admit, all creative activity flows along certain frequencies. It seems like the higher the frequency, the more lucid the result.

        This piece was good, so to admit you’re an amateur at it is to be quite a deep thinker. It takes some time to apply these higher frequencies. It comes.

        It sounds like your inspiration comes from a similar place as does mine. 😉

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