Chakra Meditation Goddess Painting

I went to a beautiful Goddess gathering hosted by my friend Tatiana and had a vision of this painting during a guided meditation … so its dedicated to the divine feminine who is all stepping into power through love, compassion, and spirituality.  Here are photos of the work in progress.

I used symbols to represent each Chakra, which are all things I see in healing meditation visions. I believe this is one of the most powerful ways to be in the world, very rooted into the healing Earth frequency so one can bloom higher into the authentic soul Self.



Here is a shot of me standing next to it showing at The Ragae Rise Up festival in Utah 2018…



Prints are available, please contact me for more info ❤


One comment

  1. Such divine beauty! Such an honor to witness your grace my darling. I love you Renee!! Thank you for the brilliant wonder you share with us all! ❤ Heres to you Goddess! ❤

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