Photoshoot with Shen

Shen is a local, and tribal goddess… I just love her to pieces, hehe. I asked if I could do a creative shoot with her, that might inspire a large painting. So here are some of the professional shots, as well as some reference photo shots I could end up using. I only have so much space in my art studio and already have two very large painting going, so the only thing that is stopping me from starting the painting is not a lot of space! Oh how I wish I had a larger studio space for my photo studio AND 5 large paintings to go at once AND my crystal wand creation studio…. I need a warehouse! But until then, I will do what I can with what Ive got, haha. Here are some amazing shots of Shen (Jennifer Poitra).  Stylizing and makeup by Shen also. Photography by me 🙂


And some reference style shots I may choose for a painting…

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