Large Buddha Painting

Large Buddha painting, currently in progress.

In deep moments of meditation and feeling unity consciousness, I often see buddhas and lotus flowers… so when I got this large gallery stretched canvas, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint!  I started it shortly after getting really inspired by a few documentaries… the first one about the Medicini family who commissioned very famous pieces of work from Michaelangelo, Leonardo Davinci, Botticelli, and Galileo. I believe the family was a very divine channel and appreciate their value in art and artists. The second documentary that I watched and inspired me very much was about Gustav Klimt. I love what I feel when looking at his work. Here is a collage I took a screen print of from a google search of his work:

Art by Gustav Klimt

Buddha painting in progress:

Working on the underpainting in acrylic:


Photo below: Going back in to repaint and redefine my underpainting, which is usually sloppy… my usual process is to correct line work with oils. BUT, this time, I am spending a lot of extra time with the conscious intention of doing my best on all levels. I can hardly wait for the next steps (gold leafing), but it’s more important to have patience and focus on craftsmanship. Pushing myself to take it to the next level❤️ painting lessons= life lessons.


Start to gold leafing:


Feb 17th 2018 update:



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