Spiritual Thought and Quotes

I post a lot of spiritual thoughts and quotes on Facebook and wanted to save some of them before they disappear in my feed… so here some spiritual quotes by me 🙂


Renee Sarasvati in Ko Phangan Thailand 2017


“The beautiful thing about original art is that it holds a vibration to it, and when you can truly see and feel it, it can open doorways to the infinite.”  ~ Renee Sarasvati

“We are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational universe far beyond our perceived sliver of the visual electromagnetic spectrum… far beyond our senses and conscious awareness. The universe is magnificent and intelligent beyond our wildest dreams, where the experience completely changes within genuine shifts of awareness and consciousness. Human potential is far beyond imagination, and can only be tapped into by those actually breaking free of old conditioning and paradigms …. opening their minds, hearts, and souls to infinite possibilities.

Each person has more freedom than they realize in how they experience this reality, most (if not all?) ruled by the unconscious… no one is there to really tell you if your stuck, insane, unhealthy, sick, etc.. because if you are any of those things, you will be unknowingly submerged within that state of consciousness along with others who reflect it in their own way. Only the universe can reflect where you are at, within your view of the world and synchronicities of what is outside of yourself. Everything is energy, and we have our body, mind, and soul to work together to FEEL our way through truth and choose into awareness. We are each responsible for our experience. It takes deep intelligence and a presence of the soul to come in and shift things (spiritual awakening). Once having a spiritual awakening, it changes everything as if you were born into a completely new reality.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“Soul to ego: Walk with me into the unknown and discover everything as if it is for the first time… in a new moment, in a new way, with a new perception. Let go of listening to the same old patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that endlessly cycle within the intellect… for you will only find a dull sense of comfort and boredom there. Remember the magic and miracle of being alive, here, on this beautiful Earth. Become present to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin or the cold crisp air that is winter. Take a deep breath and feel whether it is hard or easy to take a deep breath … keep taking big breaths of air that give life and realize that we all only have so many. Open your heart and eyes to the magical creatures flying in the air, swimming in the ocean, undomesticated, wild nature, or furry bodies cuddling up to you with true love and emotion. Open your energy to the life force that is green and colorful plants, they are also holding intelligent awareness, and are just as aware of you as you are of them. take care of your body as it is is a precious, organic and beautiful reflection of you that is driving you through this life-time. And open your mind to the deeper intelligence and sacred divine as it is the warmest and most welcoming beautiful feeling of light and love to be connected to who you truly are on these deeper levels of being within the universe.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“Those closest to us, are our greatest teachers, and all have both “dark” and “light”… seeking to understand ourselves and others with deep listening, without taking things personally (which is staying within narrow walls of expectations, judgment and limitations), is probably one of the most healing acts of compassion… and has the ability to dissolve problems and misunderstandings ~ it takes a willing participant within oneself, or as a partnership together to allow for this freedom, to break old patterns and choose into love for what is raw and real.” ~Renee Sarasvati”


“From my current understanding… Enlightenment is not an end destination… it is a new beginning of living with your light on in true awareness, connected to the divine, as the souled being who is whole (cannot be described, can only be experienced) … the world we all live in is the same (enlightened vs non-enlightened; heaven vs hell), but lived with entirely different awareness, perception, and experience (soul, mind, body). The shadow of the ego, on the other hand, separates itself from everyone and everything, and therefore, is in a constant state of suffering within its unawareness. The ego grasps onto all kinds of thoughts whether Good or bad and subscribed to believing itself. And the enlightened ego uses its knowledge of spirituality to justify thoughts and actions, letting the ego get away with pretty much anything it wants by making up reasons why, then calling it spiritual… only because it is trying to be spiritual but doesn’t really know how. People are often doing the best they can with where they are at. The ego and enlightened ego is the master of fooling itself without awareness. What we are unaware of within ourselves, may be very visible to others who have done their “work” … but those who have truly done their work (and always in progress) have nothing but deep love and compassion.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“Haha … enjoying the wild ride of life, doing my best to be authentic to where I am genuinely at in my spiritual growth, and to discover the unknown, beyond the sliver of the visual spectrum and tippy top of the ice-burg of conscious thought. I am open to healing the ego mentality, monkey brain and bringing unconscious to consciousness … I am free falling through the universe knowing that I can never really die, with eyes that “see” and a soul that feels the miracles within and far beyond the mundane. I accept my faults and imperfections, as well as my beauty and strengths… and I am doing my best… but really, I have no idea what I am doing, and I am very humbled to know that there is a much larger, magnificent, intelligent force in the universe at work here… and “I” am completely discovering as I go along, co-creating with the divine.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“It is common in our culture not to feel … to live in a desensitized and intellectual state. But make no mistake, the numbness has its own vibration of feeling. Combine stubbornness and apathy… and you are kind of screwed, because if you just don’t care, what can possibly shake you awake? Not only that but if you’ve never felt liberation from the mind, how could you possibly know what the rewards of feeling soul and spirit are? To reach into the depths of the soul is to feel the sacredness of existence… nothing has to happen outside of ourselves in order to feel this, it is all within. Sometimes hardship will come straight from spirit to knock your ego on its ass~ it can be one of life’s greatest blessings. To feel, is to be alive…. what has to happen to make you feel and really live while you are here in this lifetime? We are vibrational beings who have taken the senses and belief systems to literally… the dream of the planet within mass consciousness is not very evolved yet, but how do we evolve? Imagine each person one by one, turning on the beautiful light of awareness within … being walking examples and creating ripples along the way. Be here now, open your heart and mind to the epicness of this magical universe! Nothing is what we think .” ~Renee Sarasvati


“Many say “I can give, but not receive well” … or “I love others, but not myself”. These are misconceptions of love dreamed up by the egoic mind. True love must pass through the gate of unconditional love within oneself. When this happens, it creates an actual vibration, healthier immune system, releases chemicals the body (serotonin, etc) ~ so when you are truly loving in a now moment, you can literally feel it on every level of your being: physical, spiritual, mental. Only then are you able to give it to someone else. You can not give what you don’t have. And giving & receiving go hand in hand, as it is the most beautiful gift to the giver, to receive something well. When we are able to create balanced giving and receiving relationships out of love, they mean the world. ” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“There sometimes seems to be some confusion on what meditation is and how to do it…. I personally see it as an evolving practice where the experiences may change as you go. At first it might just be about witnessing the busy chatter brain (without grasping to thought), then it might become about quieting the mind, the next step could be to start listening to a deeper knowing, then one day you might start to receive downloads, or enter a calm void of nothing and everything… I believe we can tap into the soul of the universe through our own being as it is all connected (all that is shares life force energy – like the individual cells in our body that creates the a human being) … tapping into soul literally blows the mind, which is why it can not be described, but only experienced. The experience of the soul, can only be witnessed by the mind, not created by it. I believe meditation is a powerful tool to help tap into those experiences, especially if those intentions are made and the door of belief (within the mind) is open to the possibility of experience.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” I believe that our minds are so sensitive to suggestive statements, even within our own thoughts… I can “program” my own mind with intentional thoughts (Good or bad), and plant seeds or weeds that will grow and blossom. I can use my conscious mind to tap into the subconscious to become more aware and loving. And with that, and some creative thinking, I can ask my mind to show me things I am unaware of and then let go (become the witness) to watch how the message unfolds in my inner and outer worlds, knowing that the universe is absolutely responding to my question. With full honesty, humility and acceptance of where I am at in my mental, spiritual AND physical being, I can create action with love and self discipline to apply practices that help to rewire for health and clarity. I can choose to deepen my experience on all levels within every now moment and practice to stay in a flow state until it becomes an innate part of my being. I choose to have high value of body, mind, soul, deep connection and love within this lifetime and the potentials that are possible. ❤️These are the conscious thoughts that I choose to suggest to my egoic mind… more and more, my ego behavior and mentality is letting go, allowing for my soul to rise, and be truly present. Much love XO” ~Renee Sarasvati


” Egos get so easily lost in a sea of other egos. But the soul… the beautiful and sacred soul, speaks so very loud in its silence.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” In order to solve problems, we must actually change in order to grow. Problems help us evolve past our current state of consciousness. If you avoid the problems and stay in your comfort zone, you will likely get stuck and hit a plateau until you build the courage to change. If you want to grow spiritually, embrace your problems with curiosity rather than judgment, they are great teachers that inspire genuine growth!” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“The only way to deal with our shadow self is to work through it…. everything else is spiritual bypassing. Turn into your shadow, be honest and and take a good look. This stuff lies so deep within thousands of years of conditioning and cell memory, this is a world of duality and we’ve all got it… there is darkness, and really, it can be an amazing teacher. Having the guts to take a look is brave. “Shadow” is usually anything that is “dark” energy with a negative vibration, and sometimes hides as “light” energy if trying to cover the dark (often a mask trying to hold the idea of perfection but ignoring the dark underneath), negative thoughts that people keep quiet or try to ignore and/or create an uncomfortable feeling inside our body and mind, judgment & projection which often comes with complete unawareness especially when people assume they are right, traumas that have not been processed, victim mentality, nightmares, negative mental programs or beliefs, any sort of desire to hurt others, narcissism, etc…. Please know that it is OK to have these things, accepting darkness if it is there is the first way to see it and deal with it…but the karma of acting them out can be destructive to not only your life, but the others you affect… take a good look, be humble, process, feel and work through it to transcend it… becoming aware of the shadow within is a HUGE step to spiritual growth. Don’t get stuck in it, but become aware and ask for help if you need it.” ~Renee Sarasvati


“What else would the language of the universe be, besides synchronicity? It takes a deep intelligence to see/listen and feel what rings true… what is in alignment with our higher vibrational self, the soul that is connected to everything.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“It’s important to question your own thoughts and beliefs ~ and not put yourself above, or better than others. We can all teach each other different perspectives, we all have our own amazing strengths. True power comes with sitting at a round table, not the mentality of I know or have more than you, so let me tell you how it is or how to be. It’s also important to let people share their knowledge and to actually hear and acknowledge them. And to share what you have learned, but also keep in mind that everyone is the guru when you know how to listen. Stay humble and realize that we are at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tapping into the absolute truth of the magical universe and enlightenment. We all have a lot to learn and no one (separate being) is even close to sitting at the top of doing it all or knowing it all.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” May we all love and forgive each other through ego ~ it’s not hard to see who and when you’re talking to a powerful ego mentality or a souled being … but the truth is ego draws out other egos and the SOUL is also inviting for the soul to come out and play. The souled being is loving, compassionate, understanding, authentic, amazing, unique, and so beautiful to be in the presence of.” ~Renee Sarasvati


“Our perceptions and experience of people can change according to which state of consciousness we are in ourselves. Are you a soul inviting other souls? You might have to gain a little trust from the ego, as it has been hurt so many times. The more soft and gentle and understanding we are, the safer we make it for ourselves and others to bloom open in all of our glory.” ~ Renee Sarasvati”


“When I fully give myself to a now moment, and I can be totally present … I can take in an experience and never forget it. If I am not fully present, or my mind is thinking too much or out of balance (recalling, controlling, time traveling, judging, comparing, distracted, etc) it can be so easy to forget people, conversations, experiences etc. It is a powerful practice to pull in all energy and practice being present with the mind in an observing, receiving and listening state. I have been very forgetful and have a hard time remembering names and faces… but also realize the importance of each sacred soul I encounter… I am always working on this. It is my overactive brain… and I am working on being more present.” ~Renee Sarasvati


” I personally am most impressed with authenticity of the soul, those open to the unknown, with an open mind, flowing from the heart (willingness to love), the creative genius, channeling from a deep soul space within and actually manifesting creations into the physical world … as well as those willing to take a look at their own shadow. I believe it takes a deep intelligence to be able to observe thoughts without grasping onto them. To see and honor the unique beauty and value within each being. There are many types of intelligence in this world that come with a large amount of conditioning and a very unconscious superiority complex, so people with knowledge and intellect can very much so play within duality and be completely unconscious of the type of intelligence that I am speaking of. I have seen a lot of masters fooling themselves… after all, who, in their ego, is not doing this on some level. The workings of the intelligent universe go far, far beyond anyone’s conscious brain here in Earth that I know of. Even Albert Einstein was barely tapping in… the rabbit while goes deep, and has no end or topping out!! I prefer to be around those who are unafraid to expose their imperfections and be vulnerable. Those who are willing to make mistakes, get in the “mud” and connect deeply to their own soul, to the earth & humanity. The people who lean toward being of service rather than only self serving. I am in love with a certain type of deep intelligence that most people do not see or understand… I am talking about opening the mind beyond most peoples comfort zone. This takes courage and an unwinding of conditioning. The type of opening the mind to the greater intelligence of the universe, with infinite possibilities, with deep humility and love.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” Masks are very visible to me… what is not visible is the authentic self-buried under the conditioning… that can only be experienced by others when you are experiencing within it yourself and flowing it. If people can’t see you, it may be because you are hiding. Don’t be afraid to expose your true self, or start peeling back the layers to get to the authentic self and don’t worry about the way it’s going to affect others… if you are living in your truth with love and confidence, people will feel that too and if anything outside of “normal” is out of their comfort zone, acceptance of reality is their opportunity for growth. It’s a courageous act to be different and authentic, this is what a lot of people judge but often secretly admire. But who cares what others think… I didn’t come here to fit in with the crowd anyways. As an artist, my whole goal is to be as original and as true to myself as I possibly can and express it through my work. With this, I often follow my intuition and heart more than any B.S. (belief systems) or a conditioned mind, even if there are risks involved according to my logical brain. It takes fear to be courageous… And I won’t let fear stop me… oh hell no, my heart is full of courage…. hear me Raaawrrr. I came here to live out loud! ” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” Part of transcending is allowing for mistakes with compassion for our own being. Just having awareness of the conditioning at all is a big deal… so make sure to honor yourself for what you have become aware of.” ~Renee Sarasavti


” I have always had a hard time conforming to this world … I am not afraid to go against the grain, explore different roads, stand up and against those who would manipulate others. I am not afraid to lose the safety bubble and fluffy clouds of comfort. I see it as brave and rebellious, others might see me as crazy and out of control, haha. Although I do love this about myself, there is plenty more room for awakening and balance. I am not tripping on conforming to non-conforming… I would just like to tap into love, awareness and what is real. Here I am about mid-life, reviewing and accepting myself just as I am. I surrender to my natural ways of being and observe the states of consciousness within me and around me. I choose to be authentic to my soul as much as I possibly can… unwinding the layers of conditioning and ask my ego to jump on board the soul train… to transcend with me. You know, in order to create something great, you must be willing to make lots of mistakes, fail and try again… my life is very much like this…and this is also why I am willing to choose the life path of an artist, no guarantee of money or steady income, operating on the full belief if myself… starting at the beginning and working my way through with passion, accepting my stages of growth, knowing I will get better with time, practice and self-discipline.” ~Renee Sarasvati


” I paint and create in layers over time.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“True and amazing talent comes with a lot of hard work, practice, and good craftsmanship combined with the ability to be tapped into the soul of the universe.” ~Renee Sarasvati


“We throw around words ~ like, sure everyone is an artist, dancer, writer, photographer, musician, singer, shaman, guru, etc… I think that mentality happened when something in our culture shifted and now everyone gets a trophy regardless of talent and skill. But it is different to dabble in something than to make it into a dedicated lifestyle, spending thousands of hours and dollars honing in on craftsmanship and then, even fewer having the ability to create beyond the mind and with the soul (such a beautiful thing). Of course, this will show in the work and in the human being … but as a dedicated artist, I just want to say that it is not always an easy life path and takes a lot of time, self-discipline, courage and money. Huge respect to all of the “artists” out there who have spent so much time studying, researching, experiencing, and investing in their craft. It takes a lot of heart and soul to believe in oneself to walk down the artist path. Much love, and mad respect, XO.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“What’s seems to be coming up a lot right now in consciousness, especially after the “me too” campaign… people who somehow offend or cross boundaries with others (one by one) in a community often behind closed doors or when alone, and then find themselves with a group coming together who all feel the same way and want to confront them or kick them out of their circle. People affected don’t necessarily know what to do, how to handle with love and still hold those accountable for their actions when the perpetrator is in deep denial, manipulative, victim state – even when the results obviously show otherwise, they are afraid to be vulnerable and under “attack” even though they have done the same to each person they have affected (from small to large scale). They often turn around and tell others that the people affected are just crazy and lying. This can happen a lot for those with sexual issues. For example, if you are in a “spiritual healer” position and want to sexually act with the people coming to you for healing work… you may find yourself in this boat. The moral ethics are wrong around this, please to don’t sexually advance towards those in a vulnerable state coming to see you for healing, even if it seems wanted and OK. There are many other scenarios that are possible on this topic. It is a time to speak out loud and tackle these issues… to make those who are abusing power super uncomfortable even if this message is hitting them indirectly. My advice to anyone acting out is to let yourself be exposed, be humble enough to listen how you may be affecting others, learn and grow, but most of all, take an honest look to see if you have any hidden agendas. People are so empathic these days, we can feel them a mile away – no one is invisible. If we don’t say something we are probably torn between wanting to believe you, completely avoiding you, or holding space for you to come to your own realizations and growth.

Let’s not throw people away with their faults, but let them know that they have the opportunity when they are ready to listen how they have affected one person or the whole group. Let us all stand in our strength and allow for growth. Some actions have consequences.. it takes an intelligent mind to move towards your issues.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” Great artists often choose to feel/see beauty in life within the contrast of dark and light… then express through whatever medium (painting, photography, dance, music, etc).  It’s about seeing beauty in all that is, appreciating the journey, with love for creation and expressing a feeling into a physical manifestation for all to witness. Art is and always will be some of the most cherished and valued things on Earth, because it comes from the soul and moves people in amazing ways. Can you imagine this world without music, dance, art, and sculpture? Thank you to all of those out there in high appreciation for the artists, consciously supporting those who dedicate their life and soul to create and express. Here is to those who spend thousands of hours and dollars honing in on their craftsmanship.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” I love authentic people so much (people who acknowledge and expose their innermost deep raw and real self, thoughts, and feelings). I prefer to see the truth of someone’s current state of being rather than a mask of what they would like me to believe or put on an act in order to try and be what people or society wants them to be. I had years and years of deep training in this by being married to someone who was wearing a mask to cover the truth, so I know when I am in the vibration of someone who is real, raw and authentic. I had to learn to really trust my intuition over believing someone who was really convincing but something told me that it didn’t feel right. Selective seeing and hearing can be so tempting when someone is good at hiding their shadow and covering with ideal words and situations. But for those who are tuned in, lights on, feeling everything… the truth becomes much more important… we have the courage to face our own shadows, can feel energy, what rings true, and what doesn’t… hear thoughts through vibration (telepathy), hold space, have compassion and love unconditionally.

I choose to surround myself by those who are interested and unafraid to feel so deeply that they will expose the core of their being… because I didn’t come here to float along in the game of fooling myself, lol… authenticity is sexy and amazing.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” Love is a vibration that we can choose to stay in the flow of every now moment… it is an expansive, compassionate, accepting, amazing energy and you can absolutely feel it. You must be flowing the energy of it through your being in order to give it to anyone else.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” Whatever it is that is bothering you in the world… become the change you would wish to see and inspire those who get to witness you.” ~Renee Sarasvati”


“Everyone has faults, issues, imperfections, etc… and sometimes people choose to be annoyed or want to lecture you or see you as weak. They might even roll their eyes at you, lol. Don’t get me wrong, there can be times where that feels necessary, but I am talking in general about personality. This habit if taken personally, can shift energy into an uncomfortable seriousness (focusing on and amplifying the negative). BUT, if you allow people to make mistakes, not focus on their faults and choose to acknowledge strengths, believing in their ability for spiritual growth, then you will become easy and wonderful to be around, like a breath of fresh air. This is also taking responsibility for your own judgment and negativity because love can ultimately blast through anything. You will be one of those who brings out the best in people.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


” It is common to feel “crazy” in the process of coming into spiritual awakening, so here is what I think some clarification on what is actually “crazy”… if you glimpse the vast, magnificent universe within, and think you are God as a separate being from everyone else (this is the enlightened ego) – that is very dangerous and an illusion. But if you realize that you are connected to a greater whole and “God” is experiencing infinite possibilities all at the same “time”, as well as staying very humble to the infinite amount of information that our conscious mind could not begin to comprehend, and the ability not to grasp onto thought … then you can realize that you are not separate from “God” or the universe and neither is anyone or anything else. All life is sacred and a valued experience within consciousness. There is a powerful, beautiful, sacred, consciousness and intelligence within existence that we have never been separate from.” ~Renee Sarasvati


“The thoughts and acts of self-sabotage often come from comparison and judgment. Become aware by being the witness to your own mind, and do not grasp onto these thoughts. Allow for love and compassion to help surrender and shift.” ~Renee Sarasvati


“Sometimes you have to be willing to let go of fitting in, and comfort in order to expand into your own unique being and creation. Once the soul within is deeply experienced it becomes so sacred and divine… it can not be described with words, and you can’t unring a bell. If you get a good enough experience (non-abiding spiritual awakening), even the separate ego will do anything to tap into it within oneself. Our soul can expand like an incredibly beautiful Mandalas with amazing colors, shapes and vibration… something that no one has ever seen before. A unique expression that is one of the infinite possibilities within existence. Containing so much passion and beauty, it becomes a sacred treasure. But within the contrast of this experience, the conditioned ego who is often driven by money and being accepted by others is living with the perception of experiencing the outer world first. This is deep into illusion and not a fun playground as even success (through all the money and things) holds the suffering of separation. The ego’s mentality is so intense, it can not understand or see the beauty in the soul if it unknowingly has never walked through those doors in this life-time. It is so sure of itself that it knows this world and the way that it is. They can not understand others who are dancing when they don’t hear the music. They do not understand being driven by anything that doesn’t make money, status or having for them-self. Experiencing the outer world first is the block, the illusion that keeps the experience from the inner world. And there can be so much fear from the ego, as it wants to control what the outer world looks like… doing anything in its power including fighting to the death to protect the illusion. Caught up in this way of being, they often desire to live within having whatever they want, superiority, self righteousness and being accepted by society sometimes being completely unaware as they try to “save” others… ultimately focusing inner worth on the things that they have and outer experiences. Only driven by the outer world, they do not know what they are missing in order to fight for it or want it. The spiritual and sacred truth, so hidden, yet right in front of us, is a shift in perception… to tap into the soul of the universe within us and to live from the inner world first which will reflect in the outer world and can change drastically with genuine shifts of energy and states of consciousness. It is a genuine reflection of our true state of consciousness ~ how do we become aware of what we are not aware of? Pay attention to your perception of the outer world as it reflects what is within you. This is why synchronicity is a powerful language of the universe. God is not a human that would speak to you in your language (although that can happen in a vision according to symbology in a whatever is most comfortable for you) … it is the energy of all that is that has never stopped trying to tell you through this entire experience of mirrors and reflection. Now is always the most powerful time to wake up to your deep soul intelligence and turn your inner light on. There are only now moments. Namaste, XO” ~Renee Sarasvati

“Thank those who are showing you the darkness of yourself (provoking your shadow) … if your inner peace can be stirred, then you have more to heal within. To avoid it is just to put it off to a later date or lifetime (spiritual bypassing)… you have to feel it in order to heal it, and the only way is through it. Sometimes it is often those closest to us that can help teach us these lessons. It can and may be difficult until you come to a genuine space of core value, divine wisdom, compassion and inner peace. This takes a willing participant to take a deep and long look within oneself without projecting onto the outside world. Whatever you think or feel of the other, is it their truth or yours? Or is it truth at all? Where does the energy (thought, feeling, judgment) that you hold stem from in your own being? Be honest. The vibration you hold is your own, formed by core beliefs that often lie deep within the subconscious… these situations may keep reflecting into your life over and over again until you become conscious of your own energy drawing it in like a magnet. Doing the work includes diving into the depths of oneself and becoming aware. Negative emotion is not fun to travel through, but if you can have a mind that leans towards the powerful message that lies within these emotions and then learn to flow it rather than hold onto it… this is powerful and healing work at the depths. Do not be afraid of the dark my friends, be willing to sit in the dark, face your demons, and do the work. Much love!! Namaste” ~ Renee Sarasvati

“Transformational LOVE warrior … the only thing that can stop you is stubbornness and old paradigms of “power”. Freedom within takes a willingness to open the mind, soften and bend with the wind… let go of any negative thoughts or belief systems not serving. Now is the time to raise consciousness through releasing, being and doing (put love into action) here on planet Earth. Time to rise and inspire to lift others along the way!”            ~ Renee Sarasvati


“How to make everything special… Choose to see beyond judgment and limiting thought patterns into the depths of the incredibly creative, vast and unknown magical universe. This life and everything in it is absolutely magnificent. Let your mind be one that leans towards seeing beyond two-dimensional images and names/labels. **Let go of knowing through thinking** and experience from a deeper level of being. Let the heart and soul drive the experience! Allow yourself to explore beyond the 5 senses. This life, yourself, people, nature, all experience is far beyond what you make it with thoughts, and perception can drastically change according to the way that your mind is working. Here are some important questions to check in…. Is your mind working with you or against you? Are you able to see the deeper and meaningful part of existence? Is your mind able to relax and allow for experience rather than out of control thinking? Is your whole world existing mostly in your thinking? Does your mind sabotage your experience and others? Is your thinking reflecting the absolute truth of this life and reality? What is truth and are you sure that you can capture truth within any thought? Give yourself a moment to sit with these questions and approach them with curiosity rather than judgment. We have the ability to tap into pure divine magic that feels wildly beyond the minds thinking… next time I see you, meet me there.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“A deep surrender from within is a very powerful experience … it’s to stop fighting the flow of life, to relax into the reality of what is. To let go of any struggle, to stop the battle in the mind that can be so opinionated with both outer and inner worlds, to let go of the attempt to control reality with the mind. A deep surrender happens in the soul and is witnessed by the mind… felt by the entire body as well as a deeper consciousness. It feels like the most beautiful and divine wave of white light is sprinkling down to wash out any heaviness. It feels like the best 3-hour massage of heaven, it feels like a complete energetic shift into the most luxurious comfort. The mind is so often in patterns in programs, it will obviously have a bunch to say to this surrender to discount it, to praise it, to distract you from it…. but the surrender feels so good, you just surrender to the mind as well. Mmmmmm surrender.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“I trust wherever I am in my soul journey by surrendering and loving what is. I have the power to deepen my experience at any time by expanding awareness, meditation, mindfulness, opening my heart and mind, forgiveness, love, and compassion for myself and others. I choose to eat healthy, breathe deeply, take care of my body, mind, and soul … I choose to be here and make the most of this lifetime human experience.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“Understanding coming from a true heart and soul space can be very healthy perceiving… but when the ego gets a hold of “open, vulnerable, Love” etc. it seems to miss understand these same concepts.”  ~ Renee Sarasvati


“Live mindfully… Be careful not (unconsciously) take from the light of others… Take time to ground into the Earth, and your own soul.” ~ Renee Sarasvati


“For me, as an artist, it’s all about how much I can genuinely tap into the depths of the soul… that is my greatest life purpose. I’m not so interested in the boring limitations of the ego/mind, or coloring in the lines. I choose to dive deeper into the heart and wisdom of the creative unknown universe. If your looking for me, you can find me there ”

~ Renee Sarasvati



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