Ego vs Soul Art Painting for Bloom and Decay <3

I was having an awesome morning of spiritual downloads, and came up with the quote:

Egos get so easily lost in a sea of other egos. But the soul… the beautiful and sacred soul, speaks so very loud in it’s silence. ~Renee Sarasvati

Later that day, I was asked by  Samantha Calmes to participate in the local art event: Bloom and Decay… and I downloaded the image for this painting standing there in here living room saying, YES! So I got a good start to it, and will be continuing to paint it live on Jan 13th… super excited for this!

Painting in progress:



Update: Bloom and Decay was AMAZING!

Here is an update of my painting… not the best lighting, but thats OK, I will take some more in-progress shots soon. Tomorrow is another day of live painting for me at Infinite Possibilites in Ogden.  ❤ 01-13-2018



Update 01-14-2018 – Live painting at Infinite Possibilites



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