Painting for Bronte’s Memorial (Afro Omega)


This piece was commissioned by Brandon Zahran with Omunitymoons. Prints are available, all proceeds go to Bronte’s family. 

I did not meet Bronte before this painting but asked him to be with me while I paint this, opening to the subtle suggestions from spirit, and channeling… I followed the directive suggestions from Brandon who commissioned the painting with the portrait image, lions, music, desert, moon and sun, etc. Before I started,  I pulled up a bunch of youtube videos of Afro Omega, and left them paused on an open window in my browser… one night, a video started playing by itself… so I believe that was a sign that he came in to work with me on this. We dropped the painting off at the memorial, and it was so amazing to see his beautiful family and friends… he seemed like such an amazing person with beautiful messages of love and light. It was such an honor to create this piece for his family and friends.

Here is the painting in progress:


Afro Omega Music Video:
Here is a post from his wife:
And here is a link to their GoFundMe account: 

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