Utah is my Home, and Thailand Review

I came back to Utah from my 3 month trip to Thailand at the end of October 2017, and made it home for my daughters 18th birthday. I love my beautiful and amazing kids, and am happy to have my home base near them. Thailand was a very important time in my life to be alone and process… the inner work is showing up greatly now, and I am taking powerful steps in my soul journey.  I am so thankful for several people I met out there, who really rocked my experience… so beautiful and amazing in all of the ways that it unfolded. I had both light and dark experiences, all very meaningful.  In the end, I chose into my own soul path, my friends, family, and boyfriend here in Utah, as well as continuing to develop my artistic expressions from deep within. I believe in myself greatly, and what a beautiful test and experience to be put through. My soul works with me in creative ways, and really, I feel that there are no wrong answers in life,  the journey shifts and changes to every choice in the now moment. But I am happy with the choices that I made…  Going to Thailand being completely open, and coming back to Utha to be closer to my family and create more residual income for more travel later.  Utah is my home with friends and family that I love…  there is an amazing community of people here and a gorgeous landscape. I am happy to be here ❤

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Back to Utah photos:

Family Christmas with my parents, siblings, and kids ❤ …


My home and art studio that came together after getting back from Thailand:



Thailand Review:

So I have a very limited experience of Thailand, by pretty much only visiting one little area called Sri Thanu on the island Ko Phangan. It was off season (perfect time to go in my opinion), and very low key, very beautiful! I absolutely loved my experiences…  going to Thailand alone was probably one of the most powerful healing journeys I have ever taken for myself. I had an amazing time there and realized I had never been alone to process any of my life traumas. Being alone was really hard for me at first, but a very powerful experience. I had the opportunity to dive into my mental programming and conditioning (because it was turned up loud and in my face), as well as having several breakdowns and breakthroughs. I met amazing people who really rocked my world and experience… I am so thankful. I will share more personal experiences with people I talk to in person, haha. Pictures say so much more than words, so here is a collection of photos and video that help capture more of my experience.

You can also see my previous blogs posts for more.

Thai Videos made between 08-04–2017 to 10-25-2017:

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