How to even start on your soul journey


How to even start on your soul journey…

Someone asked me this question, and that is why I am writing this blog post… for anyone out there wanting deeper connection to their own soul and not sure what or how to do it.  Please know that deep soul connection is not reserved for only few people, but that the opportunity to feel and experience is available to everyone in every now moment… It is just a matter of your mind getting out of your own way. If you are still finding yourself as a seeker,  there are many things we can do to build momentum toward feeling and being. I know several of you have been following my journey and may be curious as to what I think, so I hope you read, enjoy and find confidence in your connection. My full intention is to help you realize that by being here as a human on Earth, you are deeply involved in your soul journey that is very much already happening. 

The very first thing I would like to say, is if you are really interested in enlightenment (which is becoming the whole self or souled being), please find a powerful spiritual teacher that you resonate with. For me, I absolutely love Adyashanti, who is very intelligent and really has a great understanding. A few others who have powerful information and have written amazing books are Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul and Anodea Judith, The Wheels of Life… I also love Llewellyn Vaughn Lee, and Rassouli (the artist) who are both Sufi’s. You can find all of these people on Youtube. These are all amazing sources of information that can help bring much more understanding.

With that said, I would also like to mention that I am a student of life, walking beside everyone very much in a learning state. My life is full of ups, downs, expansion and contraction, sometimes deep depressions and overthinking, etc. I love to share experience and often post videos to my Facebook page or blog posts, always with intentions to inspire. I allow myself to be very vulnerable, raw, honest and real on purpose to be a walking example of what that looks and feels like.

I believe that asking the universe deeply from within your soul, is the very first step to connecting… there is an incredibly deep intelligence within the design of the universe, and if you can come to a space of believing and trusting that you will be answered, then you are opening the doorway to the infinite and starting to walk through it. The universe will answer you in ways that you could never imagine within its own time, so if you think you know what that looks like, you may never see the way that it is actually responding. Let go of what you think to experience what is. Have the eyes to see synchronicity and the way that you actually experience vs the way you want to experience. Let go of instant gratification on a large scale, and allow yourself this life long journey of discovery.

So here is a list of things I recommend to dive deeper into feeling, living, being:

  • The Willing Participant: You have to want it enough to take a deep look at yourself, be honest, break habits, get out of your comfort zone, go through your own darkness, allow yourself happiness, let yourself be wrong, make mistakes, feel everything, release what is not serving you, choose into love anytime it hits your awareness, push your own walls down, take responsibility for your own life, let yourself feel love, let go of stubbornness, allow yourself to grow and open your heart and mind.
  • Healthy diet: (cut out sugar, wheat and processed foods), eat more dark green veggies, and supplement with vitamins, etc. Eat less red meat, and really try to stick with local organic farms. Drink a lot of water. Our body and mind is greatly affected by food… this is mostly realized only after someone is able to go to the extreme of this lifestyle shift. Your body will run more efficiently, you will feel more energy, the mind will get clear, and you will start to realize universal truths that you couldn’t see before. I know this is an extreme, but so is awakening.
  • Meditation: There are many opinions out there on how to meditate. I believe there are stages to meditation, with hopefully an end result of eventually quieting the mind and tapping into the one who is dreaming thought rather than the thoughts themselves. This can take a lot of practice. The first steps are to just witness the mind with out grasping onto thought. This practice takes self discipline to create the time,  space and follow through. But part of deeply connecting, is getting in these kinds of habits – meditation is creating time and space to experience the inner self.
  • Breath work: Breath work can help us get out of our head, and completely open up energetically, especially if you do Kundalini yoga breath of fire for an hour. There are local groups that come together to do this… or you can look up videos online.
  • Awareness: There are often many things in every moment that we are not aware of… and plenty of room for awareness within all of us. Stay humble, and make truth more important than pride or selective wanting/seeing/thinking. It is an absolutely amazing ability to pull problems or any negative thinking in and take a powerful look at what we are doing vs what anyone else might have done. If you are reading this blog post and thinking about how it could apply to others, then read again, and apply to self.  Judgement and projection is a very powerful thing to become aware of… if you would like to do some deep self work, please look into the work of Byron Katie at Another thing to become aware of is how we show up to each moment in our life and if it is with love or fear. Also be careful not to be in spiritual addiction, allow yourself to be here as a human, making money, doing every day practical things. There is so much more to become aware of, these are only a few examples.
  • Cut out addictions: Especially alcohol, TV, fast food and overthinking or anything that desensitizes being and feeling. If you can admit to yourself that it is an escape, or you know its not good, but have to not care in order to do it, then please have awareness that it is counter productive to actually tapping in to the soul. Once your deep connection to life and spirit become a greater desire, your action and reason for how you choose to spend your time will speak for itself.
  • Learn Subtle Energy: I am including this in my list because it was such a huge part of my journey. I am so thankful to have studied Reiki and to have become a western Reiki Master/Teacher. I see Reiki (universal life force energy) or energy work as a powerful practice in becoming aware of our energy field around the body, honing our intuition, running energy through meridians, awareness of chakra centers and how that relates to our health, becoming more responsible for our own energy,  as well as holding space for others to step into their own power to heal themselves. Once you tap into subtle energies, they are not so subtle anymore. You can start to feel the energy of a room, of people, plants, animals, and for some people, crystal, stones and other objects. This is not for everyone, but if you are called to explore with intentions for healing yourself first always, I highly recommend it.
  • Conscious people and conversation: Make sure you create friendships, join groups, and share with people who inspire you. Surround yourself by people who accept you for who you are and want to see you succeed. Please do the same for others even if they are not on the same path. Be the walking example of the way you would like to be treated vs expecting anyone else to give it to you. Treat them in a way that inspires them to be conscious and to love. If you do not have this already, then be the walking example that starts to create it. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

With so much love, I hope this post rocks your boat a little, and you jump in the ocean knowing that the universe has your back. Namaste, XOXO

Love, Renee


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