Visiting Srithanu For Now…



Wow,  its almost been 2 weeks since I have been here in Srithanu… I haven’t really come out of my shell yet, but am working on it. I feel like I am a little more settled in now, although I have found another bungalow that is much better for about the same price. I am thinking about moving but am paid up in my current space until the end of August. I have adjusted to the time schedule, which is pretty much exactly opposite of Utah time. For example, it is 7 am there right now, and 8 pm in Thailand. I am also continuing to adjust to the weather and the land (jungle). It is pretty hot and humid here, I have had days where I am constantly sticky & sweaty and taking 3-4 quick showers throughout the day just to cool down. I also have an annoying heat rash on my thigh that will hopefully go away within a few days. Early morning and late evening when it is getting dark, it is good to be inside with the door shut because of mosquitoes. And what a trip it is to be in the jungle… foreign lands with new sounds, bugs and animals. I will be leaving the country at the end of Sept before my visa expires… I am thinking India will be next!


08/20/2017 Update:

I went to a free yoga class, which was amazing! And also rented scooter… this took me a while to have the courage, haha… today I went on a nice long scooter ride, and I feel pretty good about driving here now! I added an update post and video below… keep scrolling until you see a shot of me wearing a pink helmet.


During mid day, Zen beach is pretty empty… today I had the beach to myself, and got some exercise swimming and a little tan laying out – this is probably what I will do most days to cool down and work out! The beach fills with people in the evening, to socialize, play music and watch the sunset.  It is slow season right now, I think it will be constantly busy starting December and January.

20882221_10214261160309219_1464891345247902083_n.jpgI also chopped my dreads.. they were too hot and too long! I took the scissors and went at it with no fear…maybe being a little emotional too – after all we are in-between eclipses. I figured if it didn’t turn out, I would just shave my head.. but I think I am liking the shorter dreads. Can you see transformation in me yet? Its happening slowly but surely. I might not notice as much on my end… its like watching yourself age, you might not notice as much day to day.


From my Facebook Post:

“Was going through a little home sickness until I got on the scooter, bahaha… no really though, its off and on… its not so easy at first, when moving to a foreign place!

I am learning how to be alone in a very tantric place where everyone is looking for love, haha. Who cares, must do more yoga and scooter biking! Looking forward to getting a singing bowl and acrylic paints eventually… then I might feel a little like myself again!”

I think my experience of learning how to really be alone is pretty epic right now, haha… Getting to a genuine happy alone space without wishing for someone or other people is hard!… but also enjoying my own company. Who knows if I will spend the whole time like this, haha… I will let everything unfold organically. I am sure I will meet people when the time is right. Maybe I have to authentically break through some barriers within myself first.”




It is one thing to just visit for a few weeks… but to come with a mentality of living here is a whole other experience. I still need to figure out where to get a visa closer to the time my 30 days are up, which will extend my stay for another 30 days, then I will be required to leave the country, and I am really hoping to go to Bali or India.


Really, I think one of the best ways to rock this location (Srithanu) is to get an air-conditioned bungalow on the beach and dive full on into the yoga studios. It seems all of the yoga studios in this location are pretty much full price to what it would cost in the US… so about 2k USD for tea_MG_7853cher training. And classes I think are running about 400 Baht ($12). Hopefully someone out there is finding this information useful, haha. I am hoping I have some friends come visit me out here! The other main things to do are go to the beach, going out to eat, getting massages, etc. Once I have a scooter, I will be able to explore the island a lot more. And really, there is a LOT more to explore.


Here is a photo of one of the community boards:


And WOW, did I mention all of the incredibly beautiful people here, completely gorgeous… everywhere! It seems like most people are having a huge desire to connect with others and looking for love. Srithanu is mostly full of transients.. most people will only be here for a few weeks to a few months, maybe longer. There are a lot of European and Australian people, its more rare (at least so far) to come across Americans. But then again, I haven’t really met a ton of people. I am so incredibly thankful to be here and to have met the people that I have. Of course here, you will do nothing but run into world travelers… they are all bold, daring and adventurous! There are a lot of healers here, people into yoga, massage, energy work, etc. I could probably put a message out in the conscious community on Facebook to do photography trade for healing, or even tarot readings for trade. I am thinking about it… but haven’t done it yet. I still feel like easing in so slowly and am enjoying spending time to myself.  Before I got here, I imagined this all to be so very different than it is… but it has been very interesting, haha. Of course, my close friends will hear more of the fine details of whats going on than I can write in these posts.

The food here is fantastic, and very affordable. Lots of Thai food, an absolutely incredible authentic Italian place, some American, etc…lots of options!


QE-web-5220.jpgSo the first week I was here, thanks to my amazing friend Peter,  I was so lucky to create some new friendships with a group visiting from Australia (they have already come and gone) — they were all doing a spiritual retreat together. This is how I got to meet Anjani and Lauren… and just a few days ago, I got to meet Stefanie from Switzerland. We ended up doing some really fun photo shoots together! I didn’t bring my makeup, but I did bring face paint crayons, YAY! Here are some behind the scene shots with Stefanie (Jungle Goddess) and Lauren (creative white tribal goddess)…


Lauren was so sweet to nurture me with lots of extra food, buying some art supplies (not much on the island), taking me around on her scooter, and even giving me a scooter lesson. We actually took a video of my first scooter lesson and her commentary on it is hilarious, bahaha… she came in so strong with such a supportive and beautiful friendship!!


Anjani, Lauren & Stefanie, if you are reading this… you are amazing, I am so thankful to have crossed paths with all of you and hope to come visit you of course!! XOXO



UPDATE: Drive from Si Thanu to Haad Son Resort

I rented a scooter and went on a long scooter ride this morning… oh my goodness FREEDOM!!, feeling so much better, haha! I strapped on my GoPro today and went for a ride so I could share:

Here is a super amazing video that someone on the island created:

So I that is it for now… adventures are unfolding daily, so I will keep posting! Please post any questions in the comments, and it will give me ideas on what more to blog about.


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