Photo Shoot with Anjani & Powerful Healing Session


I cant even begin to tell you the beautiful energy of Zen beach, here in Ko Phangan Thailand. It is so peaceful, and wonderful! I got really excited to do a photo shoot there from the moment I saw it. Its about a 10 min walk from my house. Fortunately, I had the amazing opportunity to do a photo shoot of Anjani, who came here from Australia to run a spiritual retreat. She also gave me an absolutely amazing & powerful healing, which was also very inspiring… everything about it. They way she called in angels & guides, preparing me with a cleansing light meditation, viewing my energy and then very much including my participation and free will within the healing. She was able to see into the energy I was holding, hooks & chords, as well asking me and watching me release. She knew that I needed to let myself be accepted here by the land here in mother Thailand and asked me to plant my roots here into the ground even if it is only for one day, or one hour. Her energy was so gentle and amazing. There was so much more to this healing that I will be sitting with for a while… wow, so beautiful!!

If you are interested in worldly spiritual retreats, I highly recommend Anjani!! I think she will be doing one in India this year. Check her website for more details:

I took a combination of silhouetted shots as well as lit up shots …I will be uploading all of the silhouetted shots to Getty images, and then giving her the other shots as an exchange and gift.

More photos coming soon

Also, here are some images and video that I took at her recent “Journey into Truth” retreat here in Thailand…



Anjani’s website:


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