What If We Live In A Magical Universe…

Please bear with me here, I am trying to describe my understanding of the universe with “What if’s”… I put a lot of words in parenthesis because everyone has such different meanings for words. Please read them with a sense of openness of what it might mean.


What if, we live in a magical universe, almost hologram like experience far (far!) beyond what a computer can currently generate. In this experience, the hologram is not just a program, but is organic and includes the sacredness of existence within the universe. But, the souls having this experience have taken the senses a little too literally, and created some limiting belief systems. The limiting belief systems do not in fact change reality, only the way that reality is perceived and experienced.

What if “God” is a sacred life force beyond our imagination that is creating and experiencing infinite possibilities all at the same “time”… including each individual experience. Everything being a microcosm to the macrocosm. What if, we live in a purely vibrational universe that the senses play a small, but powerful and wonderful part within this incredibly unique human experience. So unique, that not one soul could possibly have the same overall experience, or even experience the same thing in the same way. What if there is an infinite amount of ways to experience love, or “God”.  Our being and consciousness being a center point of an extremely unique and precious experience within the “universe” – all set up to experience “God” in an infinite amount of ways.   Whether we see it as “good” or “bad” … it is an experience that god is having.

What this would mean, is that whatever it is that is going on in your reality .. your view of it, thoughts generated, feelings and emotions, are all reflections showing you where you are at within yourself. It is not in fact reality that ever needs to change, the same things could happen and be perceived and experienced very differently depending on where you are at inside of yourself. If you are easily affected, swayed, pushed and pulled energetically, then those are all signs and reflections of what is going on within. What if, we are all in the spirit realms, having a very sacred, spiritual experience… we have just taken our senses and limiting beliefs a little too literally.

I’m just going to keep going here, LOL…

What if, there is “time”, and there is no time at the same “time”. What if, when we “die” our souls have access to all points in time and exists as an infinite being… can you get into a deep meditation and imagine that? If you can imagine it, you can feel it. If you can feel it, you can experience it. After all, the only time is now, that is the only time there is and every will be. What would it be like to be an infinite being with access to all points in time? Can you allow yourself to connect with the infinite being within in the now?

What if, within this incredibly unique human experience, we get to be on the leading edge of creation with the “physical world” reflecting to us right where we are at within consciousness. Experiencing “separation” then having the opportunity, for those who choose it, to awaken into connection and sacredness of the universe… something that can only be experienced not described. Something that can only be witnessed and felt by someone entering into the actual vibration of it. What if, coming into being true love is so beautiful and amazing that it pierces consciousness within the universe with the vibration of sacredness so deeply… that it is what it means to truly exist in a pure state of being. Is it even possible to describe sacredness with words? What if that is the ultimate experience ~ to just be present in this way and to be in the world in this way.  And then the whole human experience changes (enlightenment) when one is able to flow that vibration of love through their being into the universe.

What if is is “death”, that helps people understand the preciousness life. What if there is really no such thing as death… but we do only have so much “time” within this particular lifetime. I am in awe of the magnificence of “god” … mind blown. I am also very human as Renee in this lifetime.. what an incredible experience!


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