Taxi Ride To Tong Sala For Some Clothes…


I really didn’t scope out the town to try and get the best shots of Tong Sala…  so one day, I will com back to this post and update it with more pics and video. The picture above and video below is just a random street in the town.

I decided to spend some time going into Tong Sala today to exchange the rest of my cash, buy some clothes and look for art supplies. Apparently, there is no where to buy art supplies on the island (aaahhh!!) … I will look into having someone ship me a care package or bring some when they visit, LOL. I do have a pencil and sketch pad, but wishing I had some acrylics.

*I will update this video later with more shots of Tong Sala – this one is pretty short.


So my friend Peter said, don’t bring too many clothes and that I will want to buy them here… its true, haha… all my favorite clothes are from Thailand anyways. Most of the clothes here are my style. Pants go for about 280-350 baht (about $10), Sarongs are 180 baht (about $5) each.  I am telling the prices in case I have any close friends that want to send me some money, and I will go shopping for you (offering this to close friends only!). I am not sure what it costs to ship, but I will figure that out soon as I want to send my kids some things. Everything is pretty much one size, so I am thinking you would probably want to be between a size 2-8 for pants and shorts.  So I had fun picking a few things out… but its also kind of exhausting going to the city. I went alone during a hot part of the day, and its probably more fun in the evening with friends, going to coffee shops and out to eat. I cant really imagine really even wanting to go back unless I have to. It was a pain to try and get a taxi back to Si Thanu, I seemed to be the only one going there, so I had to wait a while and eventually just ended up paying almost double to make it worth the taxi drivers time. The rest of the island will have to wait until I am finally riding a scooter, but not ready for that yet. I’ve been hopping rides on the back of scooters, which totally freaks me out, haha… I think I would rather be driving one.



Si Thanu is toward the top left of the map (thats where I am staying)… Tong Sala is near the bottom, middle… its where everyone arrives to the island when coming in on a ferry ride from Ko Samui.

Every day by about 3-5 pm I get hot, sweaty and sticky. My forearms are sticking to my lap top right now as I am typing this, haha. The best thing is a mid day shower and then sitting in front of  a fan naked, haha… oh it feels so good to cool down when its so hot. Evenings haven’t been too bad.. its actually quite nice! Lots of mosquitoes though… I am now equipped with natural insect repellent by Melaleuca (thank god!). And the beach, I cant even begin to tell you how amazing it is to go over there in the and get in the nice, cool/warm, clear water… its amazing!! This post is supposed to be about Tong Sala, but I will throw in a quick image of Zen Beach near my place in Si Thanu. Its even more amazing than the picture…. Ocean energy is soooo healing.

Zen Beach in Si Thanu

Its been about 5 days, and am still getting tired around 3-5pm (which is 2-4 am in Utah), and then I will wake up at 2-3am here, then 5 am… each day its getting easier though. I have a lot of time on my hands, so thinking of creating a daily routine with several practices. Yoga on my laptop, drawing exercises, flute practice, maybe some movement to music, and then working on photography is always a constant thing for me. I am also really enjoying blogging about travel, it is pretty fun!

I am getting a few messages from friends wanting to come visit… I say YES! Come visit, hehe. Get ready for a super long plane ride, third world country, hot and humid, bottled water, epic food and scooter riding if your brave (everyone is renting scooters but me, I’m not ready yet)

Here is another video.. this one is just a little bit of the walk from Zen Beach to my house in Si Thanu…



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  1. Oh my gosh! It looks amazing, but also quite a journey to get into the “city.” I love all of the cloth and material. Let me know if you want me to try and send you some paints! xoxoxo

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