First Few Days in Ko Phangan Thailand


IMG_4212[2]The first few days have been amazing… I caught up on sleep, and found my own space to rent for 8,000 baht a month ($240). I need a few things, like a bed sheet, and towel… which are a taxi ride away to a bigger nearby city.  The little area I am in Surat Thani, doesn’t have much for shopping… just laundry, massage, motor bikes, lots of restaurants, and a 7-11 with some basic need supplies. A taxi into the city would cost me 400 baht round trip ($12). I have a $100 bill in cash that none of the exchange places will take because it is an older bill. So if you come out here to visit, bring fresh bills, or you can also use an ATM machine. I also need to plan on going into the city Ko Samui (a taxi & ferry ride away) to get a Thai Visa to extend my ability to stay in the country another 30 days. At that point, I will need officially leave the country – so looking for the most affordable places to go. BTW, if you come out here, Do NOT exchange much money at the airport, you get more bang for your buck in the city.

And this is my landlords dog… she obviously loves me 🙂 She couldn’t help but to jump up on me and demand that I pet her. My landlord must have liked me too… she let me in on a little secret that the men right next door to me will offer to pay the rent on the house next door if they don’t like the tenants, hopefully they like me!


Today I went to a fruit stand to eat breakfast. I cant tell you how much I am loving this dragon fruit.. its divine! It is sort of like a kiwi, but not, haha.  These shots will be some of my first stock photography shots here.


Last night, I got to go witness an amazing Fire Puja ceremony at a Swami’s temple/house up the hill last night… it was pretty amazing! My friend Peter Vishaka Venkateswara runs retreats out here on the Island and is in the middle of this one right now. Several of the people there are from Australia and absolutely lovely… I hope to get to hang out with them a bit more before they leave town!

20170805-_MG_7387 - Copy

IMG_4230-EditSo mostly now, I am just hanging out by myself, haha…working on stock photography, and getting caught up with some previous projects.  I have walked down main street several times, and visited Bovi beach the other day. I couldn’t help but to collect some shells. Maybe I will send them to my kids in a care package along with some other things 🙂 They have a yoga studio at Bovi Beach that I am very interested in with Yoga teacher training – but its way out of my price range for now  I will be checking into that studio just to participate in yoga classes over the next few days.

The other day, while eating breakfast at the restaurant next to my house, I saw this snake in the tree and was lucky to get this shot with my phone… so cool! I may end up painting this little guy – so collecting visual references of anything and everything here. I will post jungle detail images at some point!


Anyways, just want to say thanks to those letting me know that you are enjoying these posts… I wasn’t sure exactly how or if I was going to share all this… but I am having a lot of fun sharing it.

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