Journey to Thailand

08-02-2017: I am currently at the San Francisco airport waiting for my next flight to Shanghai China, then Bangkok.. After I get in tomorrow night at 10pm, I will then take a morning flight to Ko Sumui, then a ferry to Ko Pha Nang Island. I am instructed to go to the Taboon Restaurant and wait until I hear from my friend Peter  who will have started running a spiritual retreat by then, but eventually, I will find my way to his house and a bed where I can catch up on sleep. I will also try to get plenty of sleep on the 13 hour flight to China!

About 2 months ago, I really had no idea I would be doing any of this… my life had crashed super hard after a (much needed) divorce.  My kids are living with their dad, my ex took away my dogs, I am having a hard time finding a good job (making more than $10 an hour – who can live on that?!) , renting a room, but still looking for home, not really able to afford one.. barely getting by, and actually not quite cutting it. So when my friend Peter, who is a Vedic Astrologer, told me that my star chart is all about esoteric wisdom and foreign travel right now, that resonated… Its like life was just getting harder and harder here in Utah in order to push me out and go travel – after all, I am not sure there will there ever be a better time than right now! Some people think I am crazy traveling with such little money, but I do have some stock photography royalties still coming in that will help, and I can hopefully dive back in  with travel stock.

Thailand was a very spontaneous decision… but since the moment I said yes (and after bawling my eyes out about it), magic has been happening. I have come into the right people and situations to allow for this trip to happen at very little expense.  Which is good because I have no savings, and little income (little for USA, a lot for Thailand). I have sold, gifted or donated most of my things which was quite a journey on its own. I am bringing my camera and laptop to play with.  What I am truly excited about is personal growth through yoga, dance, earth connection, animals (elephants and monkeys), world travel… and most of all to go with a humble intention of being in service of  whatever that looks like, and however I am guided to do that. I would love to get involved with volunteering with orphanages and animals. I am also going for liberation within, to be truly alive, go scuba diving with whales, and adventures beyond my wildest dreams. And trying not to get too attached to any ideas as for all I know, I could get sick and my trip cut short. Whatever happens (even death), I fully trust the universe and am a willing participant to walk into the unknown letting the universe guide me.

The way it works: I have to leave the country every 30 days, unless I have a visa, which would give me an extra month. So I will be traveling around the area… as you can see, there is a lot of countries to explore.


I am so very thankful to all of those who have loved and supported me, and helped make this happen. Thank you to my friend Peter, who gave me the idea as well as a soft landing here in Thailand — none of this would be happening with out you. A special thank you to my room mate Dave,who is a bad ass!! I couldn’t have come any where near affording the low cost ticket and a laptop to do my photography work if he didn’t let me fall behind on rent for a few months. Thank you Kita for getting me such a deal on my ticket! Thank you to all the people who helped me move in and out of my storage unit. Thank you Charly for rocking so hard with helping me release things, and moving stuff. Thank you Tim, for all of your love & support, helping me move stuff as well as parking my car in your back yard (this helps me out sooo so much!)! Thank you Alicia for hosting an amazing going away party! Thank you to my beautiful girls Jaimy and Brooklyn, for being supportive of my trip -I already cant wait until you are both out here with me!! Thank you Clayton for the sweet care package left on my doorstep the morning I left. Thank you to all of my amazing and beautiful friends in support of me… I love you all so much and hope to keep in close touch!

08-03-2017 Update: The flight to Shanghai was long, but everyone pretty much kept their windows closed the entire 13 hour flight, so it was super quiet for sleeping at anytime during the flight. Shanghai airport was interesting – thankfully I was able to eventually find my way to the international flight connection area… and get to my next flight to Bangkok… I was sooo so tired, kept nodding off while waiting for this flight, and thankfully was able to get some sleep on the flight. I sat next to some people who were going to end up in Ko Phangan for the upcoming Full Moon Party.

08-03-2017 Update: At the Bangkok airport waiting for a flight to Ko Samui… I am so ready to get there!! It is 2:38 am in the morning here, and 1:40 pm in SLC – Obviously I am wide awake, which is good because I am traveling with my camera gear and laptop. My flight leaves at 6 am!

08-04-2017 Update:


The ferry ride was beautiful, and I took a taxi right from the boat to the Restaurant Taboon. Peter met up with me within about an hour or so of arriving. He is super kind to let me stay in his space for a few days while running a retreat down on the beach. I will be looking for my own space to rent here within the next few days and getting set up, as well as figuring out how I can make money, got my camera ready… and really I am scared to death, haha. I have just over $300 or so to last me until I get paid at the end of the month, or until I make money here – $200 or so of that will go to a new space once I find it. CRAZY!! Living on the edge!! I am pushing through fear big time. I can do this!!

Pics around town.. walking distance from the place I am staying:


Ko Phangan Map:


So this is my new home for now… in a little bit of shock, haha!

08-04-2017 Update at night:

Align.jpgIt is super hot and humid here… so far I am mostly sweaty all the time, except for when in 7-11 for more than 5 minutes -they have air conditioning! Everyone takes their shoes off when entering buildings. I will be walking everywhere for a while, since I am not used to riding scooters, which is OK, because I will be fit in no time, haha… but wow, this is already kicking my butt. There are some sounds in the jungle, I have no idea  what is what, haha. As I was catching up on sleep, I didn’t see what time it gets dark – it is really dark out there!! Its 8 pm Thai time, and 7am Utah time… I am still so tired. I am thinking I will push myself to stay up until maybe midnight and then go to sleep – shifting time zones. I saw a quote yesterday on Facebook that said hustle – crossed out, then Align … that was an epic message to come across. Aligning, ground and centering – most of all trusting.




  1. Renee, I am so very proud of you. Happy our paths crossed. You’re such an amazing young woman. One love. Always wishing you goodness.


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