Custom Soul Journey Paintings

I can feel my artwork changing right now,  as I am opening and freeing my spirit in life… which has a beautiful  flow to it, and I can start to see it in my art as I paint.  Looking back into my past can feel a little chaotic and dark but still good, but What? haha ~ all part of the beautiful journey for sure. I am enjoying where I am going, and can let go of looking back anymore.

Here are a few really fun and amazing custom pieces in progress right now…

Mixed Media art: photo transfer of Dallas & Oil paint

I have been working on this painting of/with Dallas Brown for over a year now…  over the last several months, we have been getting together once a week to play flute and paint. This is by far the longest I have ever spent on a painting and working with Dallas has helped me break through barriers. This is a catalyst piece for me, helping me shift… Huge thanks to Dallas for being such an amazing friend and taking this art journey with me!  Dallas Brown Flute Medicine on Facebook.


This next piece, the woman, moon and wolf is also another painting where I am experiencing freeing expression from even deeper within… painting as I process energy around sacred masculine and feminine energy in the universe.

Time for divine feminine and divine masculine to do some epic healing on the planet! A soul to soul, intense conversation & connection can be sacred and valuable with out the mind tripping out on making sexual. Beautiful souls, men and women, are both worthy of love and compassion even if you don’t get anything sexual out of it. Drop the agendas, witness the thoughts then release them, and be present with your spirit.

For those interested, I am open to working on personal soul paintings & photography of people… something that captures your spiritual journey. Please use the contact form below if you would like to discuss further.

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