Sun Painting

I was going for more texture with this art piece… its mixed media with Paperclay, toilet paper & gesso, acrylic, oil and gold leafing. This painting reminds me of something you would see in a magical, whimsical children’s book.

I have been enjoying following my art/painting passion… I knew that I wanted to be an artist all of my life, from birth! I feel very elementary in my fine art painting, but continuing to develop my technique, I am learning patience & taking more time, creating in layers, playing with color, shapes, contrast…. everything I learned in photography, but all over again.

With my art, I get to express inner vibrations, feelings and experiences… it’s very meaningful and spiritual… so much that I have a hard time letting go of paintings that are stacking, haha. Right now I have a collection of work hanging at the Sorenson Unity center in SLC (until May 13th) , which very well, might be the last time this particular collection of work is all together. I hope to sell, and hang this work throughout the city soon.
Thank you so much to those who comment, support and buy my work, it inspires me to push myself further… and helps me to buy art supplies, hehe. I am so in love with art… I plan to be creating all forms of art for the rest of my life. ❤

Sun Painting: The original is sold, but prints are available. Please contact me if interested, thanks!!



(Below) Photo of me at that Sorenson Unity Center, showing my art from April 11th – May 13th 2016.


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