First paintings of 2016…

Art is naturally flowing from me right now… and I am going with it! Paintings are continuing to stack up in my living room, haha. Some of the originals are for sale and there are usually prints available, so if you see one you are interested, please contact me & let me know.  I hope to capture beautiful vibrations of being that can be felt through the images.

Spiritual Portrait (in progress) of my friend Jake Shannon:

Jake is an amazing friend of mine who I am honored to create this piece of art for. I did a photo shoot with him last year (2015) with this painting in mind, of capturing some of his spiritual journey work. It is a work in progress, so I will update this post as I go.


Spiritual Portrait of my friend Sondra Shannon:

Sondra is Jake’s lovely wife, and also an amazing friend! She holds a beautiful space of unconditional love, realness and rawness of life. LOVE her ❤  The photo below was actually spontaneously taken (with permission) right after a reiki/gong session… which then inspired this painting.


Wind and Fire Kissing:

This one was created in December 2015… of me and Clayton Allred (my beautiful boyfriend). He is an amazing fire dancer, and is a fire sign, so I painted him with some lovely fire hair, hehe.

Spiritual Birth:

This painting definitely happened in stages… at first being a face (created from my mind) and then turned out to represent spiritual birth. To me this is all about the human experience being sacred and spiritual.

Flowing Woman:

FullSizeRender-4Flowing, creating color and movement. I painted this with my palette knife, and excessive paint creating beautiful raised texture. When I get flashes of art and paintings in my mind’s eye, it is usually people & faces.

Flowing Woman Oil Painting by Renee Adora Sarasvati.

Heart Chakra Meditation:

This painting also went through some interesting transformations. She is surrounded by green representing the heart chakra and love energy.

Linoleum Block Prints:

I wrote another blog post on these, so just posting a pic of the prints… I love creating these and plan to create several more!!


Clayton Fire Spinning:

This one is of Clayton Allred spinning fire. Getting to know him has been so much fun… he is all about conscious awareness, love and truth and loves to vibrate at that frequency during his fire performances. He also teaches fire yoga! Anyways, I could go on and on about how cool he is, LOL…

Painting in progress


Texture Painting:

This is mixed media with specialty paper and oil paints… Not sure exactly what I am going to do with this one yet!

Spirit Faces:

I have been seeing this painting in my minds eye for days now… two faces looking at each other with geometric patterns and shapes.

Thanks so much to all who visit my site and comment on my work, I love hearing from you!! XOXO

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