Linoleum Block Carvings & Prints

renEvery once in a while in life, I wake up with a new idea and have to do it as soon as possible. That is how I purchased my airbrush & created body paintings, started playing the violin, and it took me a whole week to dye my hair blue after having the idea. I love being spontaneous… if I don’t act immediately, the idea may come and go with never being created in physical reality. This helps me justify spending my last dollars on art supplies when I am motivated in creating something, haha.

So now I am all the sudden creating block prints, and now that I think about it, I don’t even really know how it happened… I might have come across a linoleum block in the art store and thought it would be fun.  A few years ago I was doing wood relief carvings, and happened to have a nice carving set that I invested in at the time. Mmmm, art supplies.

Here are some prints I have made over the last few days…

 Buddha Linoleum Block Print

Hamsa Linoleum Block Print

Hamsa Art by Renee Sarasvati

Flower of Life Print…


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