Visionary Art, Spiritual Awakening <3

I have been working on some visionary art lately, with intent of using it to create a spiritual awakening themed tarot deck. These paintings also represent my personal journey and what I have been going through… stepping into my power, shamanic & visionary journey work, etc. As my energy shifts, and my painting style shifts, I may go back over some of these and re-work them a little… so here are little galleries of images showing the paintings in progress ❤

Oil Painting: Trusting the Universe: Walking into the unknown with unconditional love and trust. Not knowing what the future looks like, letting the universe support us as we walk. This will be “The Fool” card of my tarot deck. There are faces in the clouds, representing spirit guides. There is a hand under one of her feet, and ripples under the other.

Update: I changed it! I decided that I might make all the people in my painting the universe ❤ …

Oil Painting:  Jungle Goddess: I am thinking this card will be the High Priestess, because it represents spiritually exploring consciousness and the unknown.

Acrylic Painting:  Cacao Gods:

My goal with this one is to create an amazing Cacao God painting… I LOVE Cacao, and run ceremonies often. As of right now, I have no idea how this painting is going to turn out… but here is the beginning of it…

Acrylic, Mixed Media Painting: Spiritual Journey: This was the first painting I had ever done where it revealed itself to me slowly… it was like I was dating her, lol. I spent one whole night staring at it, ready to paint, and all that came through was the wolf!

Poem that I wrote in 2015:


I close my eyes, lay back and let go

A flood of white washes over as the veils are lifted

My heart and soul expand

I Surrender

Crossing the threshold

All realities melt away

Expanding into divinity

Complete Awe

Light and unconditional love

All is one, and one is all

Excitement, joy, and gratitude


Lotus Flower unfolding

Incredible beauty

Feeling the life force of the magical universe

Worlds collide

The sun, the birds, the trees, nature

Feeling the soul, the spirit, the body, the mind

The journey

Expanding consciousness

Infinite possibilities

So much love.


Renee Keith


I have done a lot more… here is a link to a previous post :

Artwork and Paintings Lately


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