Working with the Spirit of Cacao

 Working with the spirit of cacao can be very heart opening and life changing.


Come join us for a night of heart opening mediation and inner journeying while working with the spirit of Cacao (raw chocolate) ♥  and relax to a wonderful Sound bath experience!

Cacao Ceremony

About my experience:

12112179_10208159370848296_1802420534083057374_nAfter working with cacao (raw chocolate) for a few years, I have found it to be a very powerful plant medicine that works deeply with opening the heart chakra. I have done several ceremonies with large groups, as well as exploring daily use for a few weeks. The most powerful heart opening experiences for me personally, was when I set spiritual intent and  took time to meditate, focused on some inner journey work and experience sound vibration through instruments or worldly music.  When I open myself to working with the spirit of cacao, I get an overwhelming sense of love and joy in my Heart and energy for myself, life experience and others. It comes from within and spreads out, rather than anything outside entering in. No matter where anyone is at with this, they can always take it deeper… the art of allowing every moment to be the most healing moment of their life.

12004850_10207951648855376_3082226426631272366_nOne of the things I have noticed is that my art work has started flowing more since I have been drinking Cacao. I have done a lot of meditation, exploring consciousness and creative exercises, but opening my heart chakra has definitely been the most powerful for me with my art!

I have also started to offer cacao shakes before Reiki sessions, which helps to give an absolutely wonderful experience that lasts the entire day!

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Video from our cacao ceremony on Sept 27th 2015…



The Chocolate Effect…


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