Artwork and Paintings Lately

After having many spiritual experiences based around consciousness over the last year, my art has been shifting a little… so here are some updates!

IMG_7744Visionary Art: Letting Go


This painting represents purging dark energy…with out judgement, and actually seeing the beauty in it. There are many ways we can purge, but here she is using her breath. Her hair is the earth, because that is where she is from and there is so much love and beauty in the Earth. The universe is behind her to remind us that we are the universe. Taking it a step further, I see us all as focus points of consciousness all created from the same light (god), so we are the god or the universe experiencing itself.

Chakra Painting

I do a lot of work with Chakras in my Reiki energy work practice… sometimes art like this just happens, haha.

ReneeKeithChakraPainting_4809-EditBuddha Paintings:

I have had a thing for Buddha paintings.. and have painted around 15 completely different versions over the last few years.. here are some recent ones. The one sitting on the easel is still in progress…

Peacock/Sacred Garden Painting:

A few years ago, I joined an amazing shamanic journey class that I love so much, taught by Karen Cottingham. In this class, we travel to the lower, middle and upper worlds, converse with spirits and have deep spiritual experiences. We also go into our own inner sanctuary to do work there. This painting (still in progress) represents part of my inner sanctuary. When I get there, I always take a dip in this beautiful, cleansing water.

2015-02-09-09.30Humming Bird Painting:

A few months ago I had an amazing conversation with my brother about creating art.. he was explaining to me that everything has a frequency. I really took that in deeply… and realize that when I create art, whatever vibration I am holding, I create that art piece holding that frequency. In this way, I can share my deepest thoughts and emotions through my art. So here is a hummingbird, my brother’s spirit animal… and the way I feel about the universe. None of us have ever left the spirit realms… its just that this is what it looks like as the human experience. Spirituality is hiding in plain site. We are all unique focus points of consciousness made of the same source/light.

11102765_10206672204670071_9055572479846791876_nMandala Painting:

I have probably had this 36″x36″ gallery stretched canvas for almost a year now. I bought it, painted the background and new that I would paint a mandala on it one day. Sometimes I wait for inspiration rather than trying to force creative flow… so this manifested right now in my life, in the middle of major life changes.

Off the Grid Painting

I cant decide if I am done with this or not, haha.. there is a saying that art is never finished, only abandoned. The inspiration for this painting came from talking to my brother in law Adrian Bourne (an amazing artist located in Seattle). I thought it would be so cool if we came up with creative topics and then painted them. This one is “off the grid”.. for me, off the grid represents seeing what the matrix is. So in this painting, to the left is the city,and what people have built…. to the right is some free flowing spirits diving in. Originally I wanted the right side of the canvas to represent more of the natural, organic universe – so maybe I will still add that in somehow. Sometimes my paintings have the tendency to majorly transform, but here it is in its current state:

11088360_10206596496217407_4503500913298626813_nLeather Cape:

I started making this for my brother, who is an amazing medicine man. It is made of leather and buffalo skin. I burned feather designs into the leather.. its a work in progress – and I need to fit it to him and fix it before I can go any further, lol.


  1. I am SO appreciating you right now!!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful expressions of us. Everything about it resonates with me as I am currently drafting a post regarding the removal of unwanted energy (stay tuned). What an alignment! You have helped to create this wonderful feeling about me right now. EEEK!!!!! I could barely contain myself while reading each description. The colors of the humming bird and mandala are magical. I felt as if these works were created just for me. Thank you.

  2. I can tell you have a love for the cool color palettes. Your art feels soothing to me 🙂 I love what you’ve done so far with the “off the grid” painting. This serves as a powerful reminder to me that one should not confine their brainstorming to isolation.

  3. So grateful to still have ways to enjoy your gifts and talents. These are some of my favorites. Especially the “Letting Go”.

    Much love sister! Aho!

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