Gourd Lamp by Renee Keith

My latest art project has been to create a gourd lamp. Right away, I got a lovely warm home feeling when scraping it out… my husband wondered if it reminded me of carving pumpkins when I was little. Maybe!? But I don’t necessarily feel that way carving pumpkins now, haha. Anyways, I am open to exploring this lovely feeling of handling gourds, and creating lamps with them. I absolutely love the process and light patterns on the wall.

I would also really like to make gourd rattles ❤  You never know, one day you might wake up and have a close relationship with gourds, who would have thought? Still sinking in, hahaa

Here are some photos of my first one:

Gourd lamp by Renee Keith
Gourd lamp by Renee Keith

photo-1-221I discovered after the first day of sanding that I should be wearing a mask. From what I read, you do not want to breath in any mold spores. So here I am, covered up and ready to drill 🙂 … I also made sure to wear protective glasses.

For final touches, I cleaned up the paint that fell in the grooves, and added a natural protective semi-gloss coating. This gourd lamp was so much fun to make! I definitely planning on making them to sell at craft fairs and possibly online. Looking forward to learning all I can about gourd art.

Gourd lamp by Renee Keith


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