Opening to the Magical World of Being Psychic and Intuitive

Surreal Tree Art by Renee Keith
Surreal Tree Art by Renee Keith

We live in a completely magical world, where everything is energy, and the miracle of consciousness is in the beginning stages of being understood. There are many ways to be in the world, and limited perception is often the biggest block to  spiritual truth. If I were to ask you, “Who are you?” what would you tell me? Your name? Your job? If you took those things away, who would you be then? Ultimately, when you get down to the core of your being…. you are an amazing energy and consciousness made of elements from the universe (oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, etc). In fact, we are literally the universe experiencing itself.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~Rumi

We are all born with intuition. I’ve read plenty of articles that start with this statement– which is a great thought, but some people do not feel this way. This is an extremely important core belief to challenge if you do not feel intuitive. A simple example of being intuitive is when someone stares at you across a room, you look up at them because you can sense it. Animals also have this intuition as a birth right, and it plays an extremely important role in their survival. Intuition is like a muscle you can develop, and can change your life experience in amazing ways. Living with out using your intuition is like driving blind.

The first step into the magical world is to open your mind to the possibilities. You don’t have to know what is possible, just don’t rule anything out. Is there a God? Sure, why not? Maybe “God” is different than I think it is. Are there Angels? Not going to say no – that would be closed minded. Also, maybe my limited perception and cultural idea of an “Angel”, is only a glimpse of what an “Angel” really is. Letting go of attachments to ideas and words is an important step to opening the mind to new experiences. Being open to possibilities, opens doors that could lead you somewhere you haven’t been before. Perhaps a new state of awareness and expanded consciousness. It is not that seeing is believing, but believing is seeing.

At first, many might be worried and confused about what is real, and what is imagination. This is very common, and I also felt this way when beginning to open up. I was skeptical, and needed to use my logical mind to explain everything (which is silly because I know so little, haha). It can be difficult to acknowledge when things actually do happen (did I just see or hear that?). Practice and experience will help you come to a knowing of the difference. You can also ask the Universe for validation and development of your intuition! Remember that you may be answered in different ways than you are expecting. Be open to experiencing people, things, relationships (with everything) in a different way. Hardships are often opportunities – this is where the old saying of “God works in mysterious ways” comes in… the Universe is creative, but if you can see the magic in the way that things happen, and respond with love… it all starts to make sense, and you are well on your way.

Trust the Universe (see synchronicity, not coincidence), use your will to open your mind to see the magic in all things,  taking time to feel energy and trust your senses… let yourself be validated!

Written by Renee Keith 10-01-2014 Image Credit: Image #42977208  

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