Pyrography Art

I decided to dabble in Pyrography, why not, right? hehe… I went through a little phase of wood burning little boxes and trying to sell them in my early twenties, so it has been many years since I have even picked up my little wood burner.  first piece of art: a Barn Wood Owl (I will update post as I create more pieces). I used a pencil to sketch the outline of this owl and then went at it. For highlights, I used my dremel to sand and carve into the wood a little. So this owl piece is now sitting by my desk and has inspired me to invest in a higher quality wood burning set (probably Razertip).  Part of me wants to color the background with a wood stain, so I am testing a few out that I got from the store on another piece of wood… I will probably go for a more distressed look. My goal is to create some awesome stylized work for the upcoming Urban Art Festival where I will have a booth selling photography prints, pyrography, artwork and tarot readings.

Pyrography by Renee Keith - OWL

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