Detox & Lifestyle Shift…

A while back I posted about wanting to change my diet, so I stopped eating as much bread, meat and desserts, etc. I also started drinking more fruit smoothies. My brother Eric noticed my post and sent me a Detox Kit from The Herbalist… Fortunately he was also coming out to visit soon for my sister’s college graduation. This was the perfect time to start my Detox! Since Eric has already changed his relationship to food (no sugar, no processed foods, etc)… he helped me with making meals, and following the detox plan as well as informing me about all kinds of things. I also found out that pretty much EVERYTHING I was eating had sugar… this is why a RAW veggie diet is so good… no added sugar! Because of Eric, the first three days ended up being easy… our food was fantastic and focusing on mindfully eating, and chewing thoroughly really made it enjoyable.

Not only did he help me with shifting with food, but spiritually and mentally as well. I have been having a hard time especially over the last 5-6 months and have gotten myself in a pretty good victim state of mind. My negative affirmations were intense (I have no money, I am so sad, booooo)…. I realized I needed to let go of those stories in order to move forward into not just wanting love but being love. Being love includes stopping any thoughts that come from lack or fear … my brother is a great example and by feeling his energy, it gives me a glimpse of what it would be like. That really inspired me and I am motivated to not only go on a physical detox, but a mental and spiritual one as well.

10 Day Detox:

Day 1-3, my brother helped me learn how to stick to The Herbalist Detox Kit and cook fresh veggies,etc. He explained why it is important to not eat sugar or processed foods. And helped me change the language I have with myself regarding food.

The detox from the Herbalist is fantastic and includes a schedule of when to do what including snacks and meals… which helps a ton because I am not finding myself starving at all. In other diet attempts, I ended up hungry, had no healthy “Go To’s” and it didn’t last more than a few days.  A great go to for me now is a handful of raw cashews, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc (can include some raisins, and coconut), which is another thing I learned from my brother Eric while he was here.

During detox: I am staying away from most sugars including raisins, anything in a bottle or package. Eating all fresh, organic veggies and fruits. Supplementing with vitamins (regular vitamin, vitamin D, calcium,  vitamin C, Oil of Oregano, vitamin B, fish oil with Omega 3 etc). The detox kit includes fiber (I mix it with organic apple juice and drink it fast because it thickens within minutes!)… Fiber is important because it give toxins something to bind to in order to leave your body. I will continue taking fiber like this even after the detox. Also using a dry brush (recommended with detox kit).

Veggie Stir Fries

May 2nd to May 11th – 10 Day Detox

  • Day 1: Headaches and foggy, Ive been feeling that way for a long time.
  • Day 3: I noticed feeling gassy and bloated… hopefully for the last time 😉
  • Day 4: Started Facebook Page: Healthy Food Tastes Better  to share healthy recipes and tips. And, started reading the Abascal Way which is loaded with epic information on how to be healthy, what to eat and why, etc.
  • Day 5: Added another hill to my morning walk… now I am feeling a work out by the time I reach the top.
  • Day 6: Got a resistant band to help strengthen my pec and shoulder area (have lots of knots in my back shoulder blade area).
  • Day 9: Learning how to cook veggies, experimenting… using lots of fresh garlic, lemon and herbs. Eating lots of nuts. Snacks include organic nuts, apples and bananas, etc. Starting weekly photos to visually record transformation.
  • Day 10: Lost two pounds total so far – weighing myself first thing in the morning for true weight. Feeling good! Got some Jojaba oil to rub into skin after my dry brush and before a shower. Loving all my veggie meals. I would like to include more veggies in my kids meals, and give them the information about what it does as well (helps the liver, and what the liver does, etc) … this way we all learn together, and I am giving my kids epic information that they will appreciate their entire life. Decided to be brave and publish my weight without judgement to myself as I know I am doing something to change it!! Looking to inspire others rather than be compared to or judged. Also, my height is only 5’2 – my ideal body weight is something like 110-115. My weight loss goal is to drop at least 40 pounds!


After the Detox: I am not changing much… although I can add organic chicken, fish and eggs to my diet, as well as natural sugar in raisins and dates. I will use the date rather than days at this point to track progress. I will continue to dry brush, take fiber, vitamins,  drink lots of water, drink tea, and eat according to the detox schedule as much as possible.

05-12-2014 (Day 11): Noticed that it is easier to wake up in the morning, and chose to walk rather than drive my daughter to school (Usually I don’t have the car in the morning – but in the past when I had the option, I would drive) … So motivation to walk is there!

photo-305-14-2014: I have my morning cleansing ritual down and love it! First I dry brush, and it feels awesome. then rub Jojaba oil directly on skin, wait 10 min before showering. In the mean time, I will stretch, and bring thoughts to the moment (rather than listening to mind chatter), think of positive affirmations, etc. Then in the shower, I wash with soap removing oil that hasn’t already soaked in my skin. Then I use and awesome apricot face scrub, to really clean my face. I love to hang fresh eucalyptus upside-down from the shower head as well. It feels good to really take care of myself. We can all take showers, but it’s different when you really focus on cleansing, mindful awareness and honoring your body as you are showering! In other words, making it a spiritual cleansing experience as well!

Today, I also took a little self portrait. I feel that the inflammation in my face is starting to go down. People are telling me that it looks like Ive lost weight… but Ive only really lost 2 pounds so far. Eating healthy does wonders ❤

05-20-2014: I am more and more excited for transforming my life physically, mentally and spiritually. It feels good to actively pursue the dream of being the best version of myself, and create the best existence I can have in this life. Pretty much everything from the store (in a package) including juice has unhealthy amounts of sodium and sugar, non-organic meat has all kinds of problems including antibiotics and drugs given to the animals who were grown un-naturally for more meat. ..So far I have lost 4 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks. I am getting more in the mode of creating my life rather than having it happen to me. I have always peeked into a hypothetical future for myself, but now I’m not so sure what is going to happen. There are definitely things I am hoping for, but as I shift and transform… I have no idea what is in store for me, so there are no limiting walls around me. I am rediscovering myself! Right now I am in the process of letting go of all old patterns and learning unconditional love. Time to shake up life a bit and change in epic ways! I am so thankful for my supportive family.

05-31-2014: A few days ago, I cooked up some sweet potatoes as well as some other veggies and got really nauseous! I couldn’t tell if I was feeling sick and losing my appetite, or if I was eating too much of the same thing (cooked veggies in olive oil). So I ate only raw organic fruits and veggies as well as salads for a few days and felt much better.  Tonight I made some amazing Red Lentil Soup (Recipe from the Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen)  that was sooo good 🙂

Red Lentil Soup
Red Lentil Soup

 06-16-2014: I ran out of fiber a while back, and noticed that during that time, I stopped losing weight… once I got it, and started taking it daily + some exercise -I am losing weight again. Since working out is still not my favorite thing in the world, I decided to get a weighted hula hoop and roller blades… which makes it pretty fun. I am definitely finding myself more motivated to do those things. 

Ever day I am becoming more aware of how many people out there are getting problems or sick from the general American way of eating (SUGAR!, wheat, processed,etc )… or many who are just not feeling well (fatigued, foggy, overweight, head aches, pain in body.. list goes on – all signs leading to more serious health conditions) ! I actually see sugar being similar to smoking (a careless, addictive habit that may eventually kill you) – Its sad walking down the grocery aisle to see how many forms sugar and gluten comes in and how many people/children lack awareness on how bad it is. Pretty much everything packaged or in box comes with sugar or wheat. No wonder so many people are being diagnosed diabetic! In order to create our best existence while we are here, we need to unsubscribe to the current mainstream food system highly affecting our health. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my time being sick now or later in life! Its not hard to stop trusting the general American food system when you find out most other countries have banned several of the things we consume ever day! Here are some important tips that I have so far:

07-12-2014 : A few days ago I relapsed and thought… I will try a sweet pork salad from Cafe Rio! WOW… Wont be doing that again! I had a food crash, felt super out of it, … as if I was coming down from an intense drug. Oh, and I had a horrible head ache all night long. This experience gave me some major perspective. I don’t want to feel like that ever again. 

Stay tuned, I will be updating this post often!

Last updated: June 16th 2014


06-2015 : Its been a year, I have lost 30 pounds.. picked up belly dancing, fire dancing and yoga! Feeling like I am having the best years of my life, for the rest of my life. Feeling energetic, good in my body, and healthy!! So thankful for starting this detox last year and shifting into living my best existence ❤

10-2015: Getting ready to go to a yoga class, I have now lost 40 pounds ❤


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