Plastic Art: Wings

I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Plastique Art Exhibit at the Urban Arts Gallery in 2014. Of course the first place I looked for inspiration is Pinterest, there is a lot of amazing plastic art on there… but I wanted to be original, and create something that is unique. At first, plastic as an art medium was waaay out of my comfort zone… but I actually really liked using the plastic bags, and found it super convenient that I can fuze the fabric like material together with a hot air gun. This project was so much fun!

I happen to find a plastic dress form locally a while back… I knew I could use it in my plastic project, but hadn’t come up with the wing idea and wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to work it in. Once my creative brain took over, I just let it do its thing, hehe… and it came out to be what it wanted to be. It’s nothing that I pictured, in fact, I didn’t even really picture it… it created itself as I went along.

The feathers were fun… I melted a strip of grey plastic grocery bags over the center of each feather to create texture. And down the center, small black bar straws that I  ordered off of Amazon. At first I tried to glue the straws on, but then found that ironing them on was much better and faster!! It took a while to figure out what to use as the base of the wings.. if I used cardboard, it would have made them flat with no flexibility. I wanted something moveable and ended up going with chicken wire. I fused two plastic bags around the wire so that I could then fuse the wings onto the plastic.

I am thinking that these wings will be fun to photograph later… after the art show.

PLASTIQUE Art Exhibit: Urban Art Gallery, April 18th 2014 6pm.

Creation Process:

Updates: 2015, Jeff Clark built a stand for my wings… they are now mobile!! Photo shoots coming soon ❤

Plastic Art Wing Project

Renee Keith

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