Vintage Circus Photoshoot

My first super creative shoot of 2014 = vintage clowns with Pretty Macabre and Chaunsey Hildebrant! It’s doing shoots like these that make me super happy and love photography. I feel fortunate to know and work with such talented people. David Boyd and Jaimy Lee (my daughter) also joined us in the shoot. We had a ton of fun, and I discovered how giggly, happy I get around circus clowns, hehehe. Maybe I should go follow a circus around for a little bit (would be SO MUCH FUN!), haha.

Costume creation and design & Model: Pretty Macabre, Hair & Model: Chaunsey Hildebrandt, Male Model: David Boyd, Photography: Renee Keith. Makeup: Each model did their own (except I did Jaimy Lee’s makeup and David Boyd did her hair).

The images from this shoot are available royalty free in my stock portfolio:

Ghosted Images (long exposure studio shots):

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