Beautiful Utah Sunrise

Beautiful Utah Sunrise – Photography by Renee Keith

While watching the sunrise, I sometimes imagine those that are blind… never getting to see such beauty. And then those that take it all for granted and would re-visit these breathtaking experiences in vivid detail if they were ever to lose their sight. Today I stood on my back porch, and took a moment to  breathe in the beauty… feeling my body soften a little and noticing where I am holding stress. What an amazing thing to witness, beautiful scenes of light that change right before your eyes, knowing in moments it will be gone forever.  I can’t help but try to capture it all on my camera, and then share with the world. Enjoy!

Images below were all taken in September & October of 2013, shot from the west side of Utah County, overlooking Utah Lake and the Wasatch Mountains.

Several of these images are available royalty free in my iStockphoto portfolio – Utah Sunrise Lightbox:

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