Victorian Gothic Photo Shoot

We met some other local photographers a few months ago in our area (One World Media), who were really excited to collaborate with us (Todd & I + Chaunsey and Andrea)…  everyone decided on a victorian gothic style shoot. Chaunsey Hildebrandt did the Hair and Makeup, Andrea (Pretty Macabre) supplied her amazing wardrobe, Briand and Nikie (One World Media) built the set and we shot in their studio. And WOW! What an amazing opportunity 🙂 You can read more about the shoot on Andrea’s blog here:

Models: Pretty Macabre, Chaunsey Hildebrandt and Nikie Warren-Gerber. Hair and Makeup: Chaunsey Hildebrandt, Wardrobe: Pretty Macabre, Studio: Brian Gerber with One World Media, Photography: Renee Keith

Here are some of my final shots:

One comment

  1. These are beautiful! Not Victorian though- these seem to be inspired by 18th century fashion. The Victorian era spanned from the mid 19th century into the early 20th.

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