As a Digital Photographer, I Love Knowing Beauty Makeup!

There were times when I would need a makeup artist for my photo shoots, and there were several times I just couldn’t find one available. So,  I decided to add makeup artistry to my skill set a few years ago (2011)… that way I could still work with others, but also do it myself as well. And WOW, it was expensive to take a class & invest in a makeup kit, but worth every penny! It has helped me to understand what looks flattering and why… how to accentuate features, and best of all, it has given me creative freedom.  Being able to touch up in post, lets me blend areas a little more, change colors, dodge and burn shadows and highlights and more. This also helps me to gain an eye for what looks good so that every time I do makeup, I get better and better.

The top left image of this photo is the edited version of the makeup that I actually did. To me, it is important to start with a fantastic image with fantastic lighting rather than trying to fix that in post… IMO, you are in for a train wreck if you don’t have a good image to start with. The other three images attached are digitally edited, showing different color hues of eye shadow and blush. FUN!!

Beauty Makeup by Renee Keith
Beauty Makeup by Renee Keith

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