Universal Energy Acrylic Painting

Reiki and Quantum Touch have been my latest fascinations. I have always had an interest and the perfect opportunity came up to take a Reiki Course with a friend and local Reiki Master (Jody Farnsworth Uribe). I painted her drum for her, and she invited me to take a class in exchange! During this same time period, my mother-in-law was moving and wanted to store some stuff at our house… one of these items was an old massage table. It stayed packed away, and wasn’t thought of again until about 2 weeks ago… we pulled it out, and it is a super nice table in new condition! I offered to buy it, but she gave it to me. I couldn’t imaging a better time for a massage table to fall into my lap. Its funny how the universe works, hehe. Anyways, I loved the Reiki class and wanted to research more about Energy Healing…  so I bought a quantum touch book, which is not the same as Reiki… but Reiki practitioners use quantum touch. I love the idea of using universal energy to heal yourself and others.

So the artist in me wanted to express universal energy through a painting… this is the final piece:

I glued some torn patterned paper in the background in a few areas, which aren’t that noticeable unless you look real close… and modeling past to create the lotus petals behind the person to create a three dimensional texture. For the texture in the Earth, I used some sand like texture medium. This was super fun to paint and the original is going to stay right by my new massage table! If you are interested in a print, please check my Etsy Store or contact me.

Artwork: Universal Energy Acrylic Painting by Renee Keith
Artwork: Universal Energy Acrylic Painting by Renee Keith

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