Fabric Art by Renee Keith – First Creations

Like many of the other random things I do, I have no idea where this idea came from… a few weeks ago, I decided that I needed to start  learning batik techniques. While researching it, I came across a lot of hand painting techniques that also looked pretty fun.  It took me a few weeks to order and collect everything that I needed for it. Most of the supplies (dyes, wax, tools) came from the Art Supply website: Dickblick.com. Once I had everything in hand, I jumped right in…  starting with dying some white cotton with a light olive green color also experimenting with tea and coffee.  I haven’t done anything with wax yet… Instead, I started with just painting on fabric. This blog post is not meant to be a tutorial, it’s more to share my final fabric art pieces… but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Here is my first creation: Chakras

As you can see, there is a level that looks pretty washed out… that is because I drew it all, and then washed out the dye while it was still wet. The next day, I realized that I needed to wait until the dye was dry and then steam it before washing. I like that it happened that way, because I was able to fix some mistakes, and I also really like the washed out first layer. Shortly after I took this picture, I ended up hand painting some Chakra colors to each level.  The inspiration for this was to create some sort of image to do some crystal or gem casting on. My goal is to create a new way of giving a reading… will be interesting to see if this works some how.

Since I always seem to create a lot of swirl designs in a lot of my work, this next one isn’t a big surprise. A red cloth with a black swirl.. perfect for my tarot cards! (picture below). I know it is obvious that I am brand new at this, hehe. I think it will get really interesting once I start using the batik techniques with wax!

Here are a few more that I did in the same batch:

I started out with this one being pretty damp, so you couldn’t see any fine line. Later I added some detail with a permanent fabric marker and stamps with fabric ink. I probably will do several more versions of this tree and roots.



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