Photography by Renee Keith – Dark Angel

I had this shoot in mind for a while now, to do some sort of dark angel. Although I had been planning it, I didn’t have any idea how it was going to turn out. So my Friend Chaunsey Hildebrandt came over, and we let it unravel, be what it wanted to be… Chaunsey did and amazing job on the hair piece and modeling. The black fading makeup was something that I wanted to try, and airbrushed.  Then it came down to wings… I ended up painting them with acrylics and photoshopping them in. The dress was made by our wicked talented friend Andrea Hansen/ Pretty Macabre. Here is the final shot….

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More photos from the same day:

Photography by Renee Keith, Makeup & Model: Chaunsey Hildebrandt

Photography & Makeup by Renee Keith, Model: Chaunsey Hildebrandt (image below)

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