Artwork by Renee Keith: Awesome Crows Mixed Media Painting

In 2005, I was visiting family in San Francisco, California. We were driving near the Golden Gate bridge, when I saw this crow at a view point… I insisted that we pull the car over so I could try to photograph the crow. So I started from further away and slowly moved towards  him. He had his eye on me, maybe curious of my behavior? I kept moving toward him continuing to photograph, until he got nervous and flew away… I kept shooting. Once I got home, I was going through the photographs, and decided to Photoshop them together… click here to see the final composite image in my Getty Portfolio.

Now, it has been 7 years, and I recently decided to do a 30×40  painting of the composite. It was a lot of fun to paint!

Multimedia 30×40 painting: Acrylic, rice paper, feathers, airbrush, oil paints, chalk

Update: 07-2013 … I decide to do more crow paintings!  The inspiration for this painting came from my imagination of “If my husband and I were crows…”

Crow painting by Renee Keith
Crow painting by Renee Keith

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