Artwork by Renee Keith: Chalk Pastels and Acrylics

Artwork by Renee Keith: Energy/Aura Fields, Third Eye

Every once in a while we have art parties at my friend Russ’s house, and during one of the parties I painted my canvas black… thats all I wanted to do, so I left it. Several weeks later, we had another party… so I decided to work with my previous black canvas. Russ had some chalk pastels laying around, so I ended up playing with those and acrylics. And WOW, I love playing with the two together!! Having a ton of fun creating right now, and plan to do an entire series with these mediums.

I have been very interested in psychic, medium work lately… so this piece is about human energy/aura fields. I love the way it turned out! Part of me wants to write all of over it and add a few more images, and the other part of me wants to just leave it. Either way, I have photographed it so if I end up changing it, both will exist in prints. I will definitely end up making a limited edition card with it in my oracle tarot deck, and it may even inspire a whole new series of oracle cards!

Just did another one.. and more to come!!

Cat and moon…



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