Oracle Tarot Deck by Renee Keith ~ Card Meanings

Not every card in this deck is listed on this page. Full basic deck consists of 50 cards.

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About this card:  The crows came from a photograph that I took in San Francisco. I had my friends stop the car so I could jump out and photograph this awesome bird. He was just sitting there watching me as I got closer and closer. Eventually I got close enough to where he flew away and I just kept taking pictures.  It wasn’t until I was home reviewing the photos, that I thought about putting all the crow shots together in one image.


Crows have many different meanings depending on what part of the world you are in. They can symbolize anything from war, death, ill omen, tricksters, good luck, bad luck, change, spiritual strength, messengers, etc. They are also considered to be among the worlds most intelligent animals.

Human skull can represent death & mortality, equality of all human beings in the face of death, a past life, or even a past life within this life. The Skeleton Key (master key) can open many doors which provides access.

The circle with a diamond shape in the middle is a symbol for a few different things: The astronomical sign of the sun, The open eye of god;purpose and revelation, Air,  pregnancy and new human life, Sunday (Roman), Annual.

The sunset/sunrise is a symbol of death, resurrection and immortality.

The crow is standing on the edge of a gate, and below that hangs a rich tapestry which can symbolize love for luxury.

The symbol on the top left is an oriental symbol of the soul’s pilgrimage through life.

Card #2: Magical Wishing Fountain

Magical Wishing Fountain

About this card: This card is based off of a picture that I took of a fountain in Florence, Italy (located inside the Courtyard building in the Palazzo Vecchio). I loved it so much, that I  was inspired to draw it once I got back to my hotel room. Something about it is so magical.


A wishing well is know for being good luck. It can also represent deep desires & inspirations, wishful thinking and good health.It is full of coins which can mean good fortune, power of manifestation, Happiness, Positive thinking.  


#3 Praying and Protection Prayer and Protection

About this card: I took this picture of my daughter in the Nevada desert (Valley of Fire). We had some angel wings from a previous photo shoot and decided to bring them with us on our road trip. She did such a great job modeling for us! The moon (taken by my hubby) was added in later during post processing.


Angels are often seen as messengers, warriors, guardians or protectors. They can represent hope, goodness, purity, protection, comfort and consolation.

The full moon shares the symbolism of the circle as an image of wholeness and strength. The Chinese associate it with the essence of Yin and the feminine; to Buddhists it represents spiritual power. The Harvest Moon (a full Moon near the September equinox) symbolizes agricultural fertility. The word “lunatic” comes from the Latin for moon, luna, and originally meant “Moonstruck”. The full Moon was thought to worsen lunacy and is associated with wild behavior in animals and humans.

The Stars are connected with spiritual illumination and divine presence. In native American traditions stars are seen as campfire of the ancestors.

The child is a symbol of the future, youthful enthusiasm, impressionability, and potential.

The symbol on the bottom right is a Triquetra, which represents  love, honor, and protection.


Card #4 Good vs EvilGood vs. Evil

About this card: This card was created from one of my acrylic paintings. It is my take of good vs evil in the modern world.


I am going to write my own personal definition for this card, and remember,  you can always create your own meanings. For me, this is a card of choice… everyone has the choice of good or evil and both are always there and  readily available. This can apply to your actions, your thoughts, or hidden in agreements and belief systems you make with yourself. Sometimes negativity sneaks up on you and then builds upon itself. Pay close attention to your thoughts and actions to see what is going on, and ask yourself… are you building yourself and other people up or destroying yourself and other people?


Spiritual Mirror- Tarot Card by Renee KeithSpiritual Mirror

About this card: This photograph was from a shoot that we did for Andrea Hansen /Pretty Macabre (wardrobe designer) , located in SLC, UT. I was also working on creating ghosted images (one shot taken with a long & and multiple exposures to capture movement and “ghosted” images) for an exhibit that is on display during October 2011. This was one of my favorite images from the show. She is wearing a vintage style carnival performer sort of outfit, standing in front of a blue theater curtain.


Spiritual reflection. The Spiritual Mirror Truthfully reflect the Consequences of our actions along with the Karmic rewards, or punishments, which the consequences of our actions have brought upon us.


Unnecessary Worry- Tarot Card by Renee KeithWorry

About this card: This is a collage of about 7 images & textures. The moon image was taken by my lovely husband. The desert image was taken in Southern Utah, the flying bird is form Italy, and the man in the mask is our friend James Morris who models for us often.


“Now is the only time that has ever existed. There is only now. The past is an illusion, the future is an illusion, time is an illusion. There is only now”

The man standing in the moon light wearing a gas mask is protecting himself from any possible toxic gasses, but as you can see there is a bird flying that is just fine. This card can represent past issues affecting your present decisions. You may be feeling like you need to protect yourself which is preventing you from enjoying the current moment to its fullest.


Post Card - Tarot Card by Renee KeithPost Card

About this card: While out looking for cool, old paper textures, I found this vintage blank post card at a bookstore down town in Salt Lake City.


You may need to get in touch with someone. These days it is too easy to send a text or email… going out of your way to write a letter is usually done with a lot of thought and care. Make sure you take your time, there is an art to delivering a message.


Young Lovers - Tarot Card by Renee KeithYoung Lovers

About this card: I took this shot of our friends up by the Salt Lake City, UT Capital building for some of their engagement photos.

*There will be one or two more lovers cards in the deck.


Young lovers, passionately kissing and  so in love, about to start their life together. Everything is new and exciting!

This could be about putting your heart and soul (optimistically with the best intentions) into something whether it is is a person, hobby, work,  or project.



About this card: This shot came from a photography project called “Are You Interesting?” … Our friend who modeled for this had this cool watch collection so we had her put them all on. Who knew it would make such a cool tarot card?! Hehe


Time. Waiting. Maternal Clock. Time running out? etc.

Numbers falling on clock could mean losing track of time.


Green Man - Tarot Card by Renee KeithGreen Man

About this card: I was visiting a pagan store in SLC, Utah called crones hollow, and mentioned my photography and that I though it would be cool to sell some greeting cards. Someone behind the counter told me to do Green Man, so I did!! I couldn’t wait to glue things to my friend Steve’s face, hehe. You can read more about the process here:


Symbol of rebirth, or “renaissance”.

Nature and the environment. Age-old symbol of humanities relationship with the rest of the natural world.

Connecting with the Earth



Sugar Skull - Tarot Card by Renee KeithCard #15: Sugar Skull

About this Card:  Sometimes I wake up and feel the urge to do something super creative… This Sugar Skull image was shot on one of those days. Chaunsey Hildebrandt (model and hair stylist) just happened to respond to my 8am text that she had the day off and would be right over! I quickly headed over to Hobby Lobby (my local craft store) to get a bunch of flowers, and then glued them all into clips for hair pieces as Chaunsey was styling hair. I decided to keep the makeup simple, and we both came up with the flower design.


Dia de los Muertos (known as “Day of the Dead”)

lovingly remembering, paying tribute and/or mourning the deceased.



Video Game Player ~ Tarot Card by Renee KeithGamer

About this Card:  This shoot is a part of my “Are You interesting” Photography project of my good friend Derek Dyer. He  pulled some of his awesome, flashy 80’s wardrobe and posed in front of one of his old school arcade games that he had in his basement.


Entertainment, playing, virtual world, gamer, side-tracked

I am going to say, go off of your intuition on this one, it can mean different things according to the card it is right next to. If it is next to a young love card, maybe you will have an online romance. Or if it is next to the Green Man card, maybe you are too involved in the virtual world and need to come back and re-connect to the earth. If it is next to the Self Love card, maybe you should take some time off from working and treat yourself to some entertainment, gaming if that’s what you like.


The Devil - Tarot Card by Renee KeithThe Devil

About this Card: This was taken at a photography event we put together involving body paint, angels and zombies, etc. As the organizers of the event, we hardly got to shoot it, but I did manage to take a few shots. The SPFX is by Shawn Gordon, and modeled by James Morris.


Deep yearnings that may seem dark and unproductive.

  • Temptation
  • Self-indulgence
  • Restrictions or bondage
  • Co-dependency
  • Facing your demons
  • Feeling confined or stuck in a situation

“Often, the Devil card reveals that we are too attached to material goods, relationships that aren’t working, drugs or alcohol, or our financial positions. Perhaps your fears are binding you to situations that make you unhappy. In terms of relationship readings, the Devil suggests that you may need to take a good look at your relationships. Your attachments to others may be harmful or unhealthy. Are you staying in a relationship out of fear? Does your partner control you? Do you feel you need to leave your relationship, but can’t?”

For me, this is a devilishly selfish card… it means you are not being very compassionate to those around you. Take a moment to look at yourself and your actions… how are you affecting others?


Fire ~ Tarot Card by Renee Keith Fire ~ Personal Power

About this Card: Several friends and I set this shoot up with some fire dancer friends in an abandoned building near the Great Salt Lake.


  • Extreme personal power and/or potential
  • Creative flame
  • Fearless
  • Energy
  • Assertiveness
  • Passion.
      Fire, can also be the bringer of destruction, the symbolism of chaos and war.

Bloody Mary ~ Tarot Card by Renee KeithBloody Mary

About this Card: We have several friends who came up with this concept and asked us to photograph it… of course we were super excited and honored that they involved us (my husband and I). There was a whole team of there including hair (Danielle Zaugg), SPFX (Chris Hanson), wardrobe (Pretty Macabre/Andrea Hansen), & model (Chaunsey Hildebrandt).


  • Nightmares
  • Dancing with the devil (you come knocking, SHE might answer)
  • Evil,  horror
  • Spreading gossip
  • Scared
  • Don’t believe everything you hear.

Death ~ Tarot Card by Renee KeithDeath

About this Card: We bought a little prop skeleton head for Halloween one year… this is it! I photographed it, and then stylized it in photoshopped with textures and what not.


Death doesn’t always mean physically dying, this card represents the end of  something which can be a trip, a book, a state of mind, etc.

The Death card is less about something dying then about how a person deals with endings. We require time to come to terms with the fact that something we were used to is no longer a part of our lives.





More about this Oracle Deck:

Stay tuned… I will be making a video going over all of the cards!

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