Road Trip to Jerome Arizona ~ March 2012

My friend Jude was talking about how awesome Jerome and Sedona Arizona is… and the sound of it really caught my attention. So it was decided then… we were all going to take a trip down there together for spring break and go ghost hunting & sight seeing, etc. We ended up staying in a vacation rental called The Pink Lady, what a beautiful house! They allowed pets, so we were also able to bring our little Bella.  Jude and Steve also brought Tula & Kali, their gorgeous poodles. The town was awesome, located on a slope… The jail even slid down the side of the town at one point. There were tons of cool little art galleries, shops & restaurants to go check out. Jerome used to be one of the wickedest towns of the west, full of bars and brothels. Our friends Russ and Laurie stayed in the Grand Hotel which is supposed to be super haunted (used to be a hospital in the 20’s). I will include our ridiculously silly video of us ghost hunting (posted below). We had so much fun, we decided to make an annual trip together!

Oh yeah, and it snowed… more than we have seen all year in SLC, UT!

Here are some of the photos:

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This video is mostly just introducing our friends as we are about to go ghost hunting, LOL. I think were probably a little loud and scared away any ghosts, needless to say, we didn’t actually get any hard evidence, haha.

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  1. Hi Renee! Thank you for your wonderful review! I just saw this! We loved having you all as guests! You’re all welcome again anytime at the same rate. (except if we’re already booked.) Our “monsoon” season is beginnig to happen now, which means incredible skys and light! Jennifer & Michael Thompson, proprietors, The Pink Lady.

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