Beauty Makeup Study

Beauty Makeup Study by Renee Keith

I am conducting my own in-depth study of how to apply beauty makeup. My goal is to be able to create awesome beauty looks for our photography with everything from simple beauty makeup to more exaggerated creative looks… knowing how to shape different faces, when to use what and why, learning what rules I can break an all that jazz.  You can expect posts around once a month during the whole year of 2012, the first one (Rouge) being towards the end of December 2011.

A little about my makeup artistry background: Makeup was never my forte, and I never thought I would be a makeup artist! As photographers, we are constantly needing makeup done on models, and I figured I would learn it myself. At first I was extremely out of my element. Even being around a bunch of makeup artists in class was really awkward for me. The two classes I took last year  (Jan 2011) were each over a period of 2 weeks, but it takes years and experience to become a professional. There are still a lot of things I don’t completely understand… like blush & contouring! I also have a hard time with lips. I figure the best way to learn is to do an in-depth study of each subject individually. I will be creating a series of  blog posts with plenty of pictures dedicated to learning different makeup techniques. 

As for now, here are some examples of makeup I have already done (after my classes, but before the study)…


Beauty Makeup Study: Rouge, Blush or Blusher




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