Bella, Our New Little YorkiePoo Puppy :)

She is pretty cute! She is a Yorkshire terrier/poodle mix. Bella is super soft, cuddly, fluffy, and friendly… loves us and the girls so much already, and we love her too. Todd and I are spending every second with her around the house (while outside of her kennel) making sure she stays potty trained to the outdoors. *I will keep this post updated with cute pictures and stories.

Here is a little video of her playing with my daughter:

12-2011 Bella got her first stylin haircut 🙂 I didn’t like the boxy chin, so I cut it off when we got home, hehe.  She seems so much littler now… I kinda miss her fluffy hair… we might get it styled a little different in the future, plus her hair on her ears and tail will be longer for the next time too.

An updated pic (17 weeks old):

01-2012 I decided to do an oil painting of Bella (pic to the left)…. she looks a little mad, LOL. She doesn’t look mad at all in the picture I used to paint from!

02-2012 We recently had her spayed, so now she is wearing a plastic cone for 10 days… its been tough keeping her calm. She wants to run around and play! You can tell its been a while since we had her groomed… she is getting super fluffy 🙂

03-2012 We took Bella on her first road trip to Jerome AZ! We shared a vacation rental with friends with their two big poodles. She was kind of moody with the other dogs at first, but by the end of the trip, she did pretty well. She is also doing well around other bigger dogs as well. She also did great in the car… slept a lot of the way. Looks like she will be traveling with us more often!

10- 2012

This one (below) was taken during my daughters 13th bday party… so Bella was enjoying all of the company and craziness going on, hehe…


Jaimy took this one with her iPhone…



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