Eric and Zoey’ Beautiful Wedding & Family ~ August 26th 2011

Todd and I took a quick trip up to Seattle to shoot my brothers wedding last weekend. We spent the first few days at their house, and then the wedding night at the Salish Lodge and Spa which was awesome. I love my family in Seattle… It was great visiting with them, and the wedding was absolutely gorgeous. We also got to meet our new little nephew Skyler (5 months old), who I could not stop taking photos of! What an adorable, happy baby!

Eric and Zoey getting married (August 26th 2011) at the Salish Lodge & Spa in Washington

Bridal shot of Zoey, just before she is about to walk down the aisle:

And some family shots..


My nephew Aedon  and their lucky dog (so loved), hehe

My gorgeous nieces Hannah, Roxy and Elvis:

One comment

  1. Love your photos! I’m one of the social sales and event planning managers at Salish and would love to share some of them with future brides at Salish. Is there anyway you could send me photos of this wedding? You did an amazing job!

    -Uyen Tran

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