Art Project: Octopus Lamp

We found this awesome lamp at an antique  store and thought it would be cool to sculpt an octopus around it. We thought it would go perfect with the fish scale looking lamp shade and blue & gold colors. Our inspiration is to create an awesome set for our upcoming steampunk style photo shoot. For the first step, I dived right in by  sculpting the tentacles directly onto the lamp with some light-weight air dry clay. Todd then created the head out of Styrofoam, and it fit perfectly! We let that dry and harden overnight. The second step was to add some Apoxie Sculpt as a tough outer shell so we could manipulate the shape add texture, tentacles and then paint.

Octopus Lamp Stage 1

Octopus Lamp Stage 2

… We are still in the middle of this project, so stay tuned for updates!

More apoxie scuplt, and we had to lay the lamp down because the octopus was getting heavy. We already had to doctor two tentacles this morning!

Update: 06-29-2011

Tonight I spent several hours continuing to cover the octopus with Apoxie Sculpt and also started creating little suction cup thingy’s on the tentacles…

Octopus Lamp - details

Update: 06-30-2011

Just as I was about to turn off all the lights to go to bed at 11pm,  I figured, why not put one layer of paint on.. haha, its now 1:30am… and I am tired, lol. The iphone pics below really aren’t that great, so once it is done, I will post a better shot with better lighting (probably some time tomorrow). I would like to make it look antiqued and maybe even add some gold throughout to match the lamp.

Update 07-01-2011

Done! I added some darker reds and also some gold as well as a gold shell… and absolutely love the way it turned out 🙂




One comment

  1. that’s lovely and a bit scary, thanks for sharing the method, I’m thinking to do a hanging lamp where I need to keep it fairly lightweight. this is coming from Berlin, Germany – isn’t the Internet fabulous! Greetings, Alex

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