Our Move to Utah County

It is beautiful out here, and we absolutely love it…  I feel so lucky to wake up in such a beautiful family in such an amazing house, with such a beautiful view! The old house in the Avenues was really great while we were there… and it was fun to entertain in, but it was ultimately too dark for my taste. Fortunately, our new place is so bright… and all of my plants are super happy. It feels like a dream! I am hoping we can buy the place one day. We had so much stuff to move, and it was so exhausting, I never want to move again… and why would I want to live anywhere else, check out the view!! Hopefully we will have a nice big swing set sitting in that back yard within the next few weeks.

During our move I noticed that we kept collecting certain items over and over… from things that we needed, had bought before, but couldn’t find. Those items included light bulbs, and lemonade (boxes of packets from Costco, lol), and there is more, but I can’t remember what they were. We had SO much stuff… I think we are officially hoarding (lol), and I really need to go through everything as we unpack. We are so thankful to all of family and friends who came over to help us move, even in the snowy, cold weather… seriously, couldn’t have done it with out you.  I hope we can be there for you as much as you were there for us!

Our first big purchase was a lawn mower, because it ends up being cheaper doing it yourself in the long run. Fortunately, I have built up my credit enough to charge it on some Home Depot credit, haha. I had to make sure to get one that my 11 year old could use. Todd taught her how to do it, and by the time I came out to help, she was a pro. We took turns mowing the backyard, although she hardly let me handle it because she was having so much fun. We filled up 7 bags of grass, and managed to get it thrown out on garbage pickup day. Come to find out, everyone just dumps it in the back desert area behind the houses, lol. One day we will have a  4 wheeler to ride out there… maybe for Christmas?  hehe.

I have been planning to take some stock images, but we have been super busy unpacking, and working on a big commercial client body paint shoot. I free handed a pattern that was a lot harder than it looked. For a while, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get through it… but I did good enough, and the rest will be fixed in post. They said, they might want to fly us out to Chicago to do it again, but we will see. They would have to pay a lot of money for that, lol.

Our first big family party will be next week for my daughters 7th birthday party… so we are super excited for that! And the next one will be the following week, for our house warming and friends to come over. Glad we have friends that will come all the way out here just to see us! It is pretty far from the city (about 45 min south… far for Utah, haha).

Update: 05-11-2011 – Here is a shot from my first stock photo shoot (of Todd and the girls) in our new house!

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