March 2011 – I love art <3

I LOVE ART. I saw this at the Peterson Art Center today where I take pottery classes (ending April 2011 due to moving) and loved it, had to take a picture of it and post it…

Speaking of Pottery, I recently made some super rad mugs… they are the best thing I have made so far. I think it would be SO COOL to put little frogs in the bottom of the cups. Since I didn’t make them and attach them before they got too dry, I would need to glaze them in during a firing.. not sure I want to take the risk… Maybe I will try it on one of them!  Here is a picture of them in the “Green” phase:

(April 15 2011) Update: I made little frogs to go inside the mugs that I made! I am thinking I will glaze the mugs blue and the frogs green…

I am taking another makeup class, this time at Skinworks (Christel’s crash course). It’s awesome, she is a great teacher, and I am getting more needed experience (YAY!).  Here is a shot of her giving a demonstration: (Can you tell, I love posting pictures, hehe)

Other than that, we are just packing and getting ready to move! April 16th April 30th is the moving date… Can’t wait for my master bathroom with a jet tub! First priority this spring is to get a killer swingset for the girls!!

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