Makeup Class – January 2011

01-13-2011 I am currently taking a (beauty) makeup artistry class so that we can add that to our photography and body painting work. As an artist, I feel like I should pick this up super quick, but I think I have some sort of mental block preventing me, lol. You know how when you start something new, even the easy steps seem hard to remember? I have to go through a check list in my head, to make sure I am doing it right… and a lot of the time it takes me a few seconds to remember whats next. So, wash your face… whats next, Toner! Then ummmm… oh yeah, moisturize… I haven’t even gotten to the makeup part yet, lol. I am sure that over time it will all become so simple and comfortable for me.

So the class is wonderful… before I enrolled, I was seriously considering teaching myself everything… but I really had no idea how much there was to learn. For example, eye shadow, is eyeshadow… but we just learned about eye shapes and what to do when, etc. There are sooo many eye shapes, nose shapes, face shapes, etc… that not everyone can wear a smokey eye, or eye liner all the way around their eyes. You have to know how and when to do what in order to compliment someone’s face. I have only been to 3 classes out of 10, and I already feel like I know sooo much more than before. Doing it successfully is another story, haha. Every time I practice over the course of this class, I will update this blog and add photos.

We started out with a MAC makeup kit. Oh and I also already have a  huge shopping list of must haves, hehe. Here is a quick shot of what we got:

01-16-2011 Shoot w/ Kelsie

Kelsie is girl in my makeup class who wants to get into runway makeup. We have been talking about doing a shoot with several different looks to start building her portfolio. You will be able to find her on Model Mayhem soon, hehe. She ended up just modeling the looks herself. Here is one of the shots:


Its been a week and we have learned so much already! I feel like a sponge, absorbing all of the information… its awesome. We’ve had some really awesome instructors including Sherri Curtis (owner of Taylor Andrews), Jen Pope Haywood (super cool lady), and Denice C. I just love all of them, and hope I build some great relationships with them after the class.

Today we learned a super cool dramatic winged look from Denice C. I practiced on Suda in my class, but her eyes were bothering her (probably because we are putting gobs of makeup on since starting this class, lol)… so anyways, I didn’t do the waterline, mascara or fake lashes (pic below of one eye almost finished). Here are some pictures of Denice demonstrating how to do it, and then us practicing…


Before makeup class today, I practiced on myself…here is an iPhone shot:

Update: 01-28-2011

The class is over, and I feel like I learned a *ton* … so far I have done makeup for a friend’s performance, a NAHA photo shoot, and several for my own photography work.  I hope to go more creative with it all, maybe even somewhat theatrical. Future updates will be their own posts… so stay tuned!! 🙂 Oh, and I attached some shots from the last shoot I where I did the makeup and photography (beautiful blond in image gallery above).




  1. so do you still have the information on Jen Pope(Super cool Lady). I attended her make up school some few years ago and it was a blast. We had fun learning makeup.She is soooooo talented and made makeup easy to learn. I learn she closed her school down and moved to las vegas when she was diagnosed of a brain tumor. Hopefully its the same Jen pope from orem and later draper. Please hook me up with her info so i can get in contact with this great teacher i had.

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