Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe…

That’s right, I want to do it all! Bwahahahaha

I have been watching youtube videos on both hair and makeup, as well as doing both of my girls hair every morning before school. I will also be attending Taylor Andrews Makeup Artistry classes in January. As far as wardrobe, I am highly considering going to fashion design classes as SLCC some time in 2011. Not sure it will happen, but I do believe it would  be extremely beneficial to our photography career. There are plenty of things I could create for photo shoots that would be impossible to find, or too expensive to purchase. It’s funny because it comes as such a shock to myself that I would ever want to sew (and do hair and makeup too, lol), but I have been collecting bits of fabrics, lace and trims for years, lol. Anyways, I recently did a shoot with my friend Katie, where I did all the makeup, hair styling and some of the wardrobe. Check it out and let me know what you think!! …

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