Some Recent Sewing Projects

Every once in a blue moon, I have a random inspiration to sew. The last time I went wild was about 12 years ago… I hand stitched several baby blankets for my daughter (no sewing machine). So last year I bought a sewing machine from Costco (knowing I would want to use it one day) and finally got around to sewing some projects this month (Nov 2010). The funniest little things inspire me, lol… I saw an herbal pillow at Golden Braid Books for about $30(?) and decided that I should just go home and make my own. So I did… and I loved it! It only took me about 2-3 tries of trial and error to figure out how to sew them nicely. They are filled with flax-seed and lavender. Usually recipes call for essential oils, but I decided to only include the herbs in mine, w/out the oils. These pillows inspired me to have a Christmas Bazaar at my house (Dec 18th) so that I can sell them at a good price to last minute Christmas shoppers. I have also made some lovely herbal pillows filled with buckwheat hulls and rose buds. Of course I will be selling several of my other crafts as well (pottery, photography etc).

I don’t know why I decided to make a Victorian collar like this! I don’t really even know how to sew, lol. But it actually turned out quite nice. I LOVE big necklaces and goddy neck pieces for photo shoots, so I thought it might be cool for some sort of vintage fashion shoot. I am going to have my 11 year old wear it, along with a dress and white gloves. I will post pics of the final images here once we do the shoot.

I think that’s it for now… I think I have had my fill for sewing, and plan to put the sewing machine away for a while as soon as I am finished sewing a few more herbal pillows for Christmas gifts. I do plan to make some scarves, but that will be created from felting wool and is a whole different, crazy process.







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