Pottery: Starting To Get The Hang Of It!

I have been taking pottery classes since April this year at Peterson Art Center, and I think I am starting to get the hang of it. There have been a lot of frustrating moments, whether it is throwing something and having it collapse, glazes not turning out, or dishes breaking on the shelf before they are bisqued… so it has taken a lot of patience. Today, I picked up several pieces that were just fired and I actually really like a couple of them… I LOVE feeling good about things that I make, and it is really motivating to go back and make more! Here are pictures…

Update: We got another fire in this month, so here is some more of my finished pieces. The first two are with a clay called “Rod’s Bod” and the jar with the lid is with “Long Beach”. I bought Porcelain today, and really like it, so next month I will have some new stuff that looks totally different.

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